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News From the Libraries: June 2022

Pets of UT Health Returns in July!

Back by popular demand for the fourth time - Pets of UT Health is returning July 1st! Be on the lookout for this interactive and virtual exhibit at Briscoe Library featuring YOUR pets! Pets of UT Health will give you the opportunity to show off photos of your furry friends and you’ll even get the chance to be featured on Briscoe Library’s social media accounts.

To submit a photo of your pet, send a direct message to us on any of Briscoe Library's social media accounts: FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. In your message, please include a photo of your pet, your pet's name, your pet's age, your name, your school/dept., and a fun fact about you or your pet.

Bowden Conference Room Now Open

The Bowden Conference Room (LIB 3.026) is now open for reservations! With generous support from Virginia and Charles Bowden, Briscoe Library launched the creation of a new and innovative conference room that reflects the Bowdens’ life work, much of it spent at UT Health in San Antonio. Virginia Bowden’s 33-year tenure from 1970 to 2003 included 18 years as library director. During her time as director, she established much of the groundwork for future digital transformation of library resources and services. Charles Bowden joined the faculty in 1970 as an assistant professor in psychiatry. During his distinguished 47- year career, he became an internationally recognized authority on bipolar disorder and mood stabilizing medications.

The Bowden Conference Room offers state-of-the-art technology to support the growing trend toward virtual meetings connecting on-site and remote participants. Unlike older technology, the new audio-visual components enable more productive, collaborative and efficient meetings. The room is available to all campus departments through the library room reservation system, where users can place reservations 24/7. The room is easily accessible, located immediately off the library entrance. It offers seating for meeting participants along with additional multi-use space and furnishings. A full window wall provides abundant natural light and a view of student-created gardens.

Click here for more information on the Bowden Conference Room.

To reserve the Bowden, please fill out the Conference Room Reservation Request Form.

An Introduction to PICO

Developing a solid PICO question is foundational to evidence-based practice. As such, it is imperative to level students’ understanding of PICO: what it is, how to recognize a well-built question, and how it facilitates searching databases, like PubMed, for clinically-relevant answers. To this end, Liaison Librarians, Emme Lopez and Kelley Minars, collaborated with Dr. Elizabeth Brownell in the School of Nursing to create an interactive module introducing the PICO question to Epidemiology students. The module is an embedded learning object in Dr. Brownell’s Canvas course for NURS 6380 and will be required for a grade. 


Look through some examples of our other interactive modules. They are available for your use if they fit with your course content. You can also reach out to your Liaison Librarian if you would like to create something together!

About the Collection - Library Consortia

A library consortium is an association that coordinates resources on behalf of its members. The benefits of joining a consortium are reduction to costs due to collaborative pricing, enhanced access to shared resources, and lower administrative costs. Briscoe Library participates in three consortia:

  • UTSDL - UT System Digital Libraries, includes 15 institutions across Texas. 
    • Subscribe to 16 packages; free access to 8 packages; and backfiles gained each year. 
  • SCAMeL - South Central Academic Medical Libraries, includes 18 institutions from Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas
    • Subscribe to 6 packages and receive local discounts to resources. 
  • TexShare - Includes 672 libraries across Texas
    • Access to 68 databases which include over 13 million e-media materials; 300,000+ ebooks; and 28,000+ ejournals

Image of consortia cost avoidance for FY21.


Librarian Published in Connective Tissue

Briscoe Library's very own Rebecca Howe, Librarian Liaison to the School of Health Professions, was published in the 2022 issue of Connective Tissue, UT Health San Antonio's student-run literature and arts journal. The journal has showcased the artistic talents of students, staff and faculty for 14 years, and serves as a much-needed creative outlet for students and providers to process their unique, often difficult experiences in health care. The journal is published by the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics, and made its debut in 2008. It serves as a platform for creative works from students, faculty and staff, including works of prose, poetry, essays and memoirs, as well as paintings, photography and illustrations.

Desperation, by Rebecca Howe

Icebergs are melting
They say

Oceans rising
And corals drying up

All faster than we anticipated
Faster than we can outrun

But that's not my concern
Not tonight

As you call out from your crayon sheets
And your brother

Softly snoring in his bunk above you
Will soon wake from your wailing

I try to let you cry it out
You must learn, the experts say

But I am melting, my resolve
Disappearing with the shoreline

And there's no one else here
No one to call for back-up

I know she understands
Spinning steadily on her axis

She is a single parent too
Never alone, but always lonely

And soon, I find myself at your bedside
Cradling your soft body in my wearied arms

Out the window, a desperate moon is rising
Faster than we can outrun



Featured New eBooks for June 2022

For a list of the newest titles at the Briscoe Library click here.

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