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Track and Envision Your Scholarly Output: Scopus

What is Scopus Author ID?

Scopus Author ID is a unique 11-digit identifier automatically assigned by Elsevier in its ScienceDirect and Scopus products.


Pros of using the Scopus Author ID include:

  • A freely-available  Author Lookup tool to obtain up-to-date citation metrics to works in publications indexed by Scopus
  • Can export data to ORCiD
  • Organized citations in one of the largest, most-comprehensive databases
  • Every author on a citation indexed in Scopus is automatically assigned an author ID
  • Can associate with ORCiD to manage and merge citations
  • Quickly creating h-index and other citation charts
  • Seeing who has cited your work
  • Easily generating a publications list


Some limitations include:

  • Scopus does not thoroughly index nursing journals
  • Only citations within Scopus are counted
  • The author ID is system-generated, so users must request that items be merged or corrected
  • Lack of user profile
  • Cannot attach publications that are not indexed in Scopus

Manage Your Scopus Author ID