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Track and Envision Your Scholarly Output: ResearchGate

What is ResearchGate?

Primarily a social networking site, ResarchGate aims to connect researchers throughout the world by giving them access to share publications, ask each other questions, and answer questions for others.

Copyright Warning

One of the key features of ResearchGate is that it allows researchers to

  • Post full-text versions of their published works
  • Ask other researchers to provide full-text versions of published works
  • Easily send full-text articles to other researchers

PLEASE NOTE, you may not have copyright permission to post and/or share published works. Be familiar with the terms of the copyright agreement you signed with the publisher prior to posting or sharing anything.

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Boasts many of the same features of other social-networking sites:

  • Like and follow researchers and their publications
  • Endorse other users
  • Comment and share
  • Bookmark favorites
  • Etc.

In addition, ResearchGate allows users to:

  • Upload unpublished and/or failed results
  • Import publications from a number of sources including PubMed and EndNote
  • Auto-subscription to co-authors' feeds
  • Full-text uploads findable in Google searching

And it is often used for:

  • Job-seeking and/or recruiting
  • Connecting with existing and unknown colleagues
  • Seeking new collaborations
  • Tracking use statistics of uploaded publications


Do not expect ResearchGate to be a:

  • Viable place for funder mandates to publish in open-access journal
  • One-stop shop for promotion of your work

Do expect that:

  • The more you use it, the more you will get out of it
  • ResearchGate will supplement your promotion strategy
  • You will need to monitor your notifications and privacy settings