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Track and Envision Your Scholarly Output: Home

It's Your Work - Put it to Work!

Just as all things electronic have proliferated, so have ways to track and showcase your scholarly output. Researcher communities abound, there are more databases than ever, and it can be easy to get confused. Use this guide to get an idea of the resources you can leverage to put your work to work for you.

Build a Plan

As a researcher and academic, you put a lot of time, energy, and attention into the work that you do.

Having a basic plan in place to expand discoverability will help generate citations and build your reputation in your field. Understand how to leverage the platforms in this guide in order to build an expanded dissemination strategy.

Tracking Published Results

The scholarly community is taking notice of who is publishing, and who isn't. Check out this resource that is part of an open-data initiative and shows the percentage of unpublished studies by institution.

Who's not sharing their trial results?

Expand Discoverability


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