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Track and Envision Your Scholarly Output: Google Scholar

What is a Google Scholar Citations profile?

Google Scholar Citations is a freely-available service that tracks article citations over time. It tracks academic articles and also counts theses, book titles and other documents towards author citation metrics.

Create Your Profile


Building a Google Scholar Profile offers many benefits, including:

  • See who is citing your work
  • Graph citations over time
  • Ability to compute a variety of citation metrics
  • Your name will appear as a clickable link in Google Scholar search results
  • The publications list may be set to automatically update


Google Scholar Profiles:

  • Will not consider name variations, including maiden names
  • May co-mingle works by different authors with the same name in its citation counts
  • Can have trouble with names that include apostrophes or other marks (like O'Neal)
  • Counts retractions the same way it counts other citations
  • Citation counts are easily gamed
  • Does not create a unique identifier