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UT Health San Antonio Faculty Publications: Mar 2019

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March 2019 Faculty Publications

Abdul-Ghani, M., Migahid, O., Megahed, A., Singh, R., Fawaz, M., DeFronzo, R. A. and Jayyousi, A. (Mar 2019). Pioglitazone prevents the increase in plasma ketone concentration associated with dapagliflozin in insulin-treated T2DM patients: Results from the Qatar Study. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, 21(3), 705-709.


Akbari, M., Ostadmohammadi, V., Mirhosseini, N., Lankarani, K. B., Tabrizi, R., Keshtkaran, Z., Reiter, R. J. and Asemi, Z. (Mar 2019). The effects of melatonin supplementation on blood pressure in patients with metabolic disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Journal of Human Hypertension, 33(3), 202-209.


Alas, A., Martin, L., Devakumar, H., Frank, L., Vaish, S., Chandrasekaran, N., Davila, G. W. and Hurtado, E. (Mar 2019). Anesthetics' role in postoperative urinary retention after pelvic organ prolapse surgery with concomitant midurethral slings: a randomized clinical trial. International Urogynecology Journal.


Armenta, A. M., Henkel, E. D. and Ahmed, A. M. (Mar 2019). Pigmentation Disorders in the Elderly. Drugs and Aging, 36(3), 235-245.  Request through interlibrary loan.


Arora, S. P., Noonan, A. M., Vanderwalde, N. and Williams, G. R. (Mar 2019). ASCO gastrointestinal cancers symposium: Perspectives on older adults with gastrointestinal malignancies. Journal of Geriatric Oncology.


Balaguer, F. A., Mühlethaler, T., Estévez-Gallego, J., Calvo, E., Giménez-Abián, J. F., Risinger, A. L., Sorensen, E. J., Vanderwal, C. D., Altmann, K. H., Mooberry, S. L., Steinmetz, M. O., Oliva, M. Á, Prota, A. E. and Díaz, J. F. (Mar 2019). Crystal Structure of the Cyclostreptin-Tubulin Adduct: Implications for Tubulin Activation by Taxane-Site Ligands. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 20(6).

Bansal, A., Karanth, N. M., Demeler, B., Schindelin, H. and Sarma, S. P. (Mar 2019). Crystallographic Structures of IlvN.Val/Ile Complexes: Conformational Selectivity for Feedback Inhibition of Aceto Hydroxy Acid Synthases. Biochemistry.


Barreto, T. W., Chung, Y., Wingrove, P., Young, R. A., Petterson, S., Bazemore, A. and Liaw, W. (Mar 2019). Primary Care Physician Characteristics Associated with Low Value Care Spending. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 32(2), 218-225.

Barreto, T. W., Eden, A., Hansen, E. R. and Peterson, L. E. (Mar 2019). Opportunities and Barriers for Family Physician Contribution to the Maternity Care Workforce. Family Medicine.


Bayer, E., Elliott, R., Bang, M., Ross, M. and Tall, M. (Mar 2019). Atlantoaxial instability in a patient with neck pain and rheumatoid arthritis. Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine, 1-4.


Bell, L. C., Semmineh, N., An, H., Eldeniz, C., Wahl, R., Schmainda, K. M., Prah, M. A., Erickson, B. J., Korfiatis, P., Wu, C., Sorace, A. G., Yankeelov, T. E., Rutledge, N., Chenevert, T. L., Malyarenko, D., Liu, Y., Brenner, A., Hu, L. S., Zhou, Y., Boxerman, J. L., Yen, Y. F., Kalpathy-Cramer, J., Beers, A. L., Muzi, M., Madhuranthakam, A. J., Pinho, M., Johnson, B. and Quarles, C. C. (Mar 2019). Evaluating Multisite rCBV Consistency from DSC-MRI Imaging Protocols and Postprocessing Software Across the NCI Quantitative Imaging Network Sites Using a Digital Reference Object (DRO). Tomography, 5(1), 110-117.


Berke, D. S., Kline, N. K., Wachen, J. S., McLean, C. P., Yarvis, J. S., Mintz, J., Young-McCaughan, S., Peterson, A. L., Foa, E., Resick, P. A. and Litz, B. T. (Mar 2019). Predictors of attendance and dropout in three randomized controlled trials of PTSD treatment for active duty service members. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 118, 7-17.


Bloomgarden, Z. and Chilton, R. (Mar 2019). Lipids as risk markers for type 2 diabetes. Journal of Diabetes, 11(3), 176-178. Request through Interlibrary Loan.


Calzada, E., Avery, E., Sam, P. N., Modak, A., Wang, C., McCaffery, J. M., Han, X., Alder, N. N. and Claypool, S. M. (Mar 2019). Phosphatidylethanolamine made in the inner mitochondrial membrane is essential for yeast cytochrome bc1 complex function. Nature Communications, 10(1), 1432.


Cantey, J. B. and Hersh, A. L. (Mar 2019). Antibiotic stewardship in the neonatal intensive care unit: Lessons from oxygen. Pediatrics, 143(3).


Carter, A. C., Petersen, C. L., Wendt, K. L., Helff, S. K., Risinger, A. L., Mooberry, S. L. and Cichewicz, R. H. (Mar 2019). In Situ Ring Contraction and Transformation of the Rhizoxin Macrocycle through an Abiotic Pathway. Journal of Natural Products.


Chao, C. C., Chen, P. C., Chiou, P. C., Hsu, C. J., Liu, P. I., Yang, Y. C., Reiter, R. J., Yang, S. F. and Tang, C. H. (Mar 2019). Melatonin suppresses lung cancer metastasis by inhibition of epithelial-mesenchymal transition through targeting to Twist. Clinical science (London, England : 1979), 133(5), 709-722.


Chaput, C. D., Siddiqui, M. and Rahm, M. D. (Mar 2019). Obesity and Calcification of the Ligaments of the Spine: a Comprehensive CT Analysis of the Entire Spine in a Random Trauma Population. Spine Journal: Official Journal of the North American Spine Society.


Chen, G., Bouamar, H. and Sun, L. Z. (Mar 2019). Isolation, Culture, and Differentiation of Mammary Epithelial Stem/Progenitor Cells from Fresh or Ex Vivo Cultured Human Breast Tissue. Current Protocols in Cell Biology, 82(1), e65.


Chilton, R. J., Oliveros, R., Gallegos, K. M. and Pham, S. (Mar 2019). PCSK9 inhibitors and diabetes: Translational biology to clinical practice. Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism, 21(3), 451-453.


Coward, R. M., Stetter, C., Kunselman, A., Trussell, J. C., Lindgren, M. C., Alvero, R. R., Casson, P., Christman, G. M., Coutifaris, C., Diamond, M. P., Hansen, K. R., Krawetz, S. A., Legro, R. S., Robinson, R. D., Smith, J. F., Steiner, A. Z., Wild, R. A., Zhang, H. and Santoro, N. (Mar 2019). Fertility-Related Quality of Life, Gonadal Function, and Erectile Dysfunction in Male Partners of Couples with Unexplained Infertility. Journal of Urology, 101097ju0000000000000205.


Crickard, J. B., Xue, C., Wang, W., Kwon, Y., Sung, P. and Greene, E. C. (Mar 2019). The RecQ helicase Sgs1 drives ATP-dependent disruption of Rad51 filaments. Nucleic Acids Research.


Crown, A. M., Roberts, B. L., Crosby, K., Brown, H., Ayers, J. I., Hart, P. J. and Borchelt, D. R. (Mar 2019). Experimental mutations in superoxide dismutase 1 provide insight into potential mechanisms involved in aberrant aggregation in familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 9(3), 719-728.


D'Angelo, G., Granese, R., Marseglia, L., Impellizzeri, P., Alibrandi, A., Palmara, A., La Rosa, M. A., Manti, S., Salpietro, C., Spina, E., Reiter, R. J., Falsaperla, R., Corsello, G. and Gitto, E. (Mar 2019). High mobility group box 1 and markers of oxidative stress in human cord blood. Pediatrics International, 61(3), 264-270.


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Davis, A. M., Hanrahan, L. P., Bokov, A. F., Schlachter, S., Laroche, H. H. and Waitman, L. R. (Mar 2019). Patient Engagement and Attitudes Toward Using the Electronic Medical Record for Medical Research: The 2015 Greater Plains Collaborative Health and Medical Research Family Survey. JMIR Res Protoc, 8(3), e11148.


De La Chapa, J. J., Singha, P. K., Self, K. K., Sallaway, M. L., McHardy, S. F., Hart, M. J., McGuff, H. S., Valdez, M. C., Ruiz II, F., Polusani, S. R. and Gonzales, C. B. (Mar 2019). The novel capsazepine analog, CIDD-99, significantly inhibits oral squamous cell carcinoma in vivo through a TRPV1-independent induction of ER stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and apoptosis. Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine.


Declèves, A. E., Mathew, A. V., Armando, A. M., Han, X., Dennis, E. A., Quehenberger, O. and Sharma, K. (Mar 2019). AMP-activated protein kinase activation ameliorates eicosanoid dysregulation in high-fat-induced kidney disease in mice. Journal of Lipid Research.


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Dula, A. N., Luby, M., King, B. T., Sheth, S. A., Magadán, A., Davis, L. A., Gealogo, G. A., Merino, J. G., Hsia, A. W., Latour, L. L., Warach, S. J. and the Lesion Investigators. (Mar 2019). Neuroimaging evolution of ischemia in men and women: an observational study. Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, 6(3), 575-585.


Espinoza, S. E., Jiwani, R., Wang, J. and Wang, C. P. (Mar 2019). Review of Interventions for the Frailty Syndrome and the Role of Metformin as a Potential Pharmacologic Agent for Frailty Prevention. Clinical Therapeutics, 41(3), 376-386.


Espinoza, S. E., Musi, N., Wang, C. P., Michalek, J., Orsak, B., Romo, T., Powers, B., Conde, A., Moris, M., Bair-Kelps, D., Li, Y., Ganapathy, V., Jergensen, T. E., Kelly, L. C. and Jiwani, R. (Mar 2019). Rationale and Study Design of a Randomized Clinical Trial of Metformin to Prevent Frailty in Older Adults with Pre-Diabetes. Journals of Gerontology. Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences.


Ferchaud-Roucher, V., Kramer, A., Silva, E., Pantham, P., Weintraub, S. T., Jansson, T. and Powell, T. L. (Mar 2019). A potential role for lysophosphatidylcholine in the delivery of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids to the fetal circulation. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids, 1864(3), 394-402.


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Freitas, D. Q., Vasconcelos, T. V. and Noujeim, M. (Mar 2019). Diagnosis of vertical root fracture in teeth close and distant to implant: an in vitro study to assess the influence of artifacts produced in cone beam computed tomography. Clinical Oral Investigations, 23(3), 1263-1270.


Gebauer, S., Salas, J., Scherrer, J. F., Burge, S. and Schneider, F. D. (Mar 2019). Disability Benefits and Change in Prescription Opioid Dose. Population Health Management.


Gerrard, D. L., Wang, Y., Gaddis, M., Zhou, Y., Wang, J., Witt, H., Lin, S., Farnham, P. J., Jin, V. X. and Frietze, S. E. (Mar 2019). Three-dimensional analysis reveals altered chromatin interaction by enhancer inhibitors harbors TCF7L2-regulated cancer gene signature. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 120(3), 3056-3070.


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March 2019 Faculty Publications, continued

James, L., Smart, D., Odom-Maryon, T., Honn, K. A. and Rowan, S. (Mar 2019). Sleep deprivation in Air National Guard medical personnel responding to simulated disaster-training exercises. Military Psychology (American Psychological Association), 31(2), 138-146.


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Karthik, R., Manigandan, V., Ebenezar, K. K., Kavitha, M. and Saravanan, R. (Mar 2019). Structural characterization, teratogenicity and in vitro avian antimicrobial activity of posterior salivary gland (PSG) toxin from cuttlefish, Sepia prashadi. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 124, 1145-1155.


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