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UT Health San Antonio Faculty Publications: Nov 2018

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November 2018 Faculty Publications

Alfson, K. J., Avena, L. E., Beadles, M. W., Worwa, G., Amen, M., Patterson, J. L., Carrion, R., Jr. and Griffiths, A. (Nov 2018). Intramuscular Exposure of Macaca fascicularis to Low Doses of Low Passage- or Cell Culture-Adapted Sudan Virus or Ebola Virus. Viruses, 10(11).


Alsabban, L., Amarista, F. J., Mercuri, L. G. and Perez, D. (Nov 2018). Idiopathic Condylar Resorption: A Survey and Review of the Literature. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 76(11) 2316.e1-2316.e13.


Antoine, M., Reeves, P. T., Rohena, L., Jones, O., Faux, B. (Nov 2018). Fashionably Late: A Case of Delayed Cutaneous Manifestations in Juvenile Dermatomyositis. Journal of Clinical Medicine Research, 10(11) 848-852.


Arora, K. and Riddle, N.D. (Nov 2018). Extraskeletal mesenchymal chondrosarcoma. Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 142(11) 1421-1424.


Bastarrachea, R. A., Laviada-Molina, H. A., Nava-Gonzalez, E. J., Leal-Berumen, I., Escudero-Lourdes, C., Escalante-Araiza, F., Peschard, V. G., Veloz-Garza, R. A., Haack, K., Martínez-Hernández, A., Barajas-Olmos, F. M., Molina-Segui, F., Buenfil-Rello, F. A., Gonzalez-Ramirez, L., Janssen-Aguilar, R., Lopez-Muñoz, R., Perez-Cetina, F., Gaytan-Saucedo, J. F., Vaquera, Z., Cornejo-Barrera, J., Castillo-Pineda, J. C., Murillo-Ramirez, A., Diaz-Tena, S. P., Figueroa-Nuñez, B., González-López, L., Salinas-Osornio, R. A., Valencia-Rendón, M. E., Ángeles-Chimal, J., Tapia, J. S. O., Remes-Troche, J. M., Valdovinos-Chavez, S. B., Huerta-Avila, E. E., Han, X., Orozco, L., Rodriguez-Ayala, E., Weintraub, S., Gallegos-Cabrales, E. C., Cole, S. A. and Kent, J. W., Jr. (Nov 2018). Deep multi-OMICs and multi-tissue characterization in a pre-and postprandial state in human volunteers: The GEMM family study research design. Genes, 9(11).

Bennett, R.E., Bryant, A., Hu, M., Robbins, A.B., Hopp, S.C. and Hyman, B.T. (Nov 2018). Partial reduction of microglia does not affect tau pathology in aged mice. Journal of Neuroinflammation, 15(1) 311.

Bharathy, N., Berlow, N. E., Wang, E., Abraham, J., Settelmeyer, T. P., Hooper, J. E., Svalina, M. N., Ishikawa, Y., Zientek, K., Bajwa, Z., Goros, M. W., Hernandez, B. S., Wolff, J. E., Rudek, M. A., Xu, L., Anders, N. M., Pal, R., Harrold, A. P., Davies, A. M., Ashok, A., Bushby, D., Mancini, M., Noakes, C., Goodwin, N. C., Ordentlich, P., Keck, J., Hawkins, D. S., Rudzinski, E. R., Chatterjee, B., Bächinger, H. P., Barr, F. G., Liddle, J., Garcia, B. A., Mansoor, A., Perkins, T. J., Vakoc, C. R., Michalek, J. E. and Keller, C. (Nov 2018). The HDAC3-SMARCA4-miR-27a axis promotes expression of the PAX3:FOXO1 fusion oncogene in rhabdomyosarcoma. Science Signaling, 11(557).


Bowden, C. and Martinez, M. (Nov 2018). Mood stabilizers: The confusion continues. Bipolar Disorders, 20(7) 666-667.

Brito Delgado, A., Rasmussen, K., Shi, Z., Pesqueira, T. Medrano, Kauweloa, K., Cohen, D. R., Eng, T. Y., Kirby, N., Saenz, D., Stathakis, S., Papanikolaou, N. and Gutierrez, A. (Nov 2018). The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Score Plan Quality of Intact Prostate Treatment Plans. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 102, e534-e534.


Butler, R., Lavin, P. T., Tucker, F. L., Barke, L. D., Bohm-Velez, M., Destounis, S., Grobmyer, S. R., Katzen, J., Kist, K. A., Makariou, E. V., Schilling, K. J., Young, C. A., Dogan, B. E. and Neuschler, E. I. (Nov 2018). Optoacoustic breast imaging: Imaging-pathology correlation of optoacoustic features in benign and malignant breast masses. American Journal of Roentgenology, 211(5) 1155-1170. Request through Interlibrary Loan.

Cauda, F., Nani, A., Manuello, J., Premi, E., Palermo, S., Tatu, K., Duca, S., Fox, P. T. and Costa, T. (Nov 2018). Brain structural alterations are distributed following functional, anatomic and genetic connectivity. Brain, 141(11) 3211-3232.

Choi, K. W., Ko, H. C., Todoki, L. S., Finkleman, S. A., Khosravi, R., Wang, H. F., Funkhouser, E., Baltuck, C., Raj, V., Allareddy, V., Matunas, J. C., Vermette, M. E., Harrell, W. E., Jr., Coro, J. C., Greenlee, G. M. and Huang, G. J. (Nov 2018). The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network adult anterior open bite study: A description of the practitioners and patients. Angle Orthodontist, 88(6) 675-683.


Cohen, D. J., Hyzy, S. L., Haque, S., Olson, L. C., Boyan, B. D., Saul, J. M. and Schwartz, Z. (Nov 2018). Effects of Tunable Keratin Hydrogel Erosion on Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 Release, Bioactivity, and Bone Induction. Tissue Engineering - Part A, 24(21-22) 1616-1630.


Collins, G. T., Gerak, L. R. and France, C. P. (Nov 2018). The behavioral pharmacology and therapeutic potential of lorcaserin for substance use disorders. Neuropharmacology, 142, 63-71.


Craig, L. B., Buery-Joyner, S. D., Bliss, S., Everett, E. N., Forstein, D. A., Graziano, S. C., Hampton, B. S., McKenzie, M. L., Morgan, H., Page-Ramsey, S. M., Pradhan, A., Hopkins, L., Undergraduate Medical Education Committee, Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics. (Nov 2018). To the point: gender differences in the obstetrics and gynecology clerkship. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 219(5) 430-435.

Das, F., Ghosh-Choudhury, N., Lee, D. Y., Gorin, Y., Kasinath, B. S. and Choudhury, G. G. (Nov 2018). Akt2 causes TGFbeta-induced deptor downregulation facilitating mTOR to drive podocyte hypertrophy and matrix protein expression. PloS One, 13(11) e0207285.


DeArmond, D. T., Das, N. A., Restrepo, C. S., Johnson, S. B., Michalek, J. E. and Hernandez, B. S. (Nov 2018). Pleural electrical impedance is a sensitive, real-time indicator of pneumothorax. Journal of Surgical Research, 231, 15-23.


Dickson, D. S., Cerda, V. R., Beavers, R. N., Ruiz, A., Castaneda, R. and Wicha, N. Y. Y. (Nov 2018). When 2 x 4 is meaningful: the N400 and P300 reveal operand format effects in multiplication verification. Psychophysiology, 55(11) e13212.


Dobie, R. A., Clark, W. W., Kallogjeri, D. and Spitznagel, E. L. (Nov 2018). Exchange Rate and Risk of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Construction Workers. Annals of work exposures and health, 62(9) 1176-1178.  Request through Interlibrary Loan.

Elhalawani, H., Mackin, D., Ger, R. B., Lin, T., Mohamed, A. S., Rock, C., Gunn, G. B., Garden, A. S., Rosenthal, D. I., Court, L. E. and Fuller, C. D. (Nov 2018). FDG-PET Imaging-derived Radiomics Correlates of Human Papillomavirus Status: Connecting the Dots in the Oropharyngeal Cancer Biology, Metabolism, and Imaging Interplay. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 102, e262-e262.


Elhalawani, H., Volpe, S., Cardenas, C. E., Barua, S., Rock, C., Lin, T., Yang, P., Wu, H., Zaveri, J., Elgohari, B., Abdallah, L. E., Jethanandani, A., Mohamed, A. S., Hutcheson, K. A., Gunn, G. B., Rosenthal, D. I., Frank, S. J., Garden, A. S., Rao, A. and Fuller, C. D. (Nov 2018). Development of Temporal Dose-Weighted Positron Emission Tomography Metabolic Imaging Biomarkers (PET MIBs) of Radiation-Related Parotid Glands Injury in Oropharyngeal Cancer Patients. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 102, e240-e241.


Estrela, C., Couto, G. S., Bueno, M. R., Bueno, K. G., Estrela, L. R. A., Porto, O. C. L. and Diogenes, A. (Nov 2018). Apical Foramen Position in Relation to Proximal Root Surfaces of Human Permanent Teeth Determined by Using a New Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Software. Journal of Endodontics, 44(11) 1741-1748.

Feldman, M. D. and Milner, T. E. (Nov 2018). Improving Plaque Classification With Optical Coherence Tomography. JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging, 11(11) 1677-1678.


Finley, E. P., Huynh, A. K., Farmer, M. M., Bean-Mayberry, B., Moin, T., Oishi, S. M., Moreau, J. L., Dyer, K. E., Lanham, H. J., Leykum, L. and Hamilton, A. B. (Nov 2018). Periodic reflections: A method of guided discussions for documenting implementation phenomena. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 18(1) Article Number 153.

Finley, E. P., Noël, P. H., Lee, S., Haro, E., Garcia, H., Rosen, C., Bernardy, N., Pugh, M. J. and Pugh, J. A. (Nov 2018). Psychotherapy practices for veterans with PTSD among community-based providers in Texas. Psychological Services, 15(4) 442-452.


Fox, M. G., Chang, E. Y., Amini,  B., Bernard, S. A., Gorbachova, T., Ha, A. S., Iyer, R. S., Lee, K. S., Metter, D. F., Mooar, P. A., Shah, N. A., Singer, A. D., Smith, S. E., Taljanovic, M. S., Thiele, R., Tynus, K. M., Kransdorf, M. J. and Expert Panel on Musculoskeletal, Imaging. (Nov 2018). ACR Appropriateness Criteria® Chronic Knee Pain. Journal of the American College of Radiology, 15(11) S302-S312.

Gannon, B. M., Baumann, M. H., Walther, D., Jimenez-Morigosa, C., Sulima, A., Rice, K. C. and Collins, G. T. (Nov 2018). The abuse-related effects of pyrrolidine-containing cathinones are related to their potency and selectivity to inhibit the dopamine transporter. Neuropsychopharmacology, 43(12) 2399-2407.

Giles, D. A., Zahner, S., Krause, P., Van Der Gracht, E., Riffelmacher, T., Morris, V., Tumanov, A. and Kronenberg, M. (Nov 2018). The tumor necrosis factor superfamily members TNFSF14 (LIGHT) lymphotoxin β and lymphotoxin β receptor interact to regulate intestinal inflammation. Frontiers in Immunology, 9(NOV) Article Number 02585.


Gilman, T. L., Dutta, S., Adkins, J. M., Cecil, C. A. and Jasnow, A. M. (Nov 2018). Basolateral amygdala Thy1-expressing neurons facilitate the inhibition of contextual fear during consolidation, reconsolidation, and extinction. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 155, 498-507.


Gubernatorova, E. O., Gorshkova, E. A., Namakanova, O. A., Zvartsev, R. V., Hidalgo, J., Drutskaya, M. S., Tumanov, A. V. and Nedospasov, S. A. 2018). Non-redundant functions of IL-6 produced by macrophages and dendritic cells in allergic airway inflammation. Frontiers in Immunology, 9(NOV) Article number 02718.

Halling, P., Fitzpatrick, P. F., Raushel, F. M., Rohwer, J., Schnell, S., Wittig, U., Wohlgemuth, R. and Kettner, C. (Nov 2018). An empirical analysis of enzyme function reporting for experimental reproducibility: Missing/incomplete information in published papers. Biophysical Chemistry, 242, 22-27.

Hancock, S., Froehlich, C., Armijo-Garcia, V. and Meyer, A. D. (Nov 2018). Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support in individuals with thoracic insufficiency. Perfusion, 33(8) 696-698.


Ishaque, M., McGinity, M. J., Tavakoli, S. G., Henry, J. M. and Papanastassiou, A. M. (Nov 2018). Case of Lumbar Schwannoma Presenting with Isolated Signs and Symptoms of Intracranial Hypertension. World Neurosurgery, 119, 209-214.


Jenkins, D. K., Swanson, G. P., Jhavar, S. G., Wagner, K. R., Ha, C. S. and Chen, W. (Nov 2018). Worsening of Urinary Quality of Life (QOL) is Seen in Patients Receiving Delayed Post-Prostatectomy Radiation. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 102, e121-e121.


Kamal, M., Rosenthal, D. I., Batra, A. D., Volpe, S., Elgohari, B., Goepfert, R. P., Garden, A. S., Hutcheson, K. A., Phan, J., Eraj, S., Dursteler, A., Williams, B., Smith, J., Aymard, J., Berends, J., White, A., Cardenas, C. E., Frank, S. J., Morrison, W. H. and Sturgis, E. M. (Nov 2018). Fatigue Following Radiation Therapy in Nasopharyngeal Cancer Survivors: A Dosimetric Analysis Incorporating Patient Report and Observer Rating. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 102, e749-e750.


Kamal, M., Rosenthal, D. I., Volpe, S., Goepfert, R. P., Garden, A. S., Hutcheson, K. A., Eraj, S., Dursteler, A., Williams, B., Smith, J., Aymard, J., Berends, J., White, A., O'Donnell, B., Frank, S. J., Morrison, W. H., Cardoso, R., Chambers, M. S., Sturgis, E. M. and Mendoza, T. R. (Nov 2018). Patient-Reported Dry Mouth after Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer: Dosimetric Analysis of Long-Term Outcomes. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 102, e748-e748.


Kearney, L. K., Smith, C., Kivlahan, D. R., Gresen, R. C., Moran, E., Schohn, M., Trafton, J. and Zeiss, A. M. (Nov 2018). Mental health productivity monitoring in the veterans health administration: Challenges and lessons learned. Psychological Services, 15(4) 486-495.


Kellogg, N. D., Melville, J. D., Lukefahr, J. L., Nienow, S. M. and Russell, E. L. (Nov 2018). Genital and extragenital gonorrhea and chlamydia in children and adolescents evaluated for sexual abuse. Pediatric Emergency Care, 34(11) 761-766.

Khan, C. A. and Fitzpatrick, P. F. (Nov 2018). Phosphorylation of Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Increases the Rate Constant for Formation of the Activated Conformation of the Enzyme. Biochemistry, 57(44) 6274-6277.


Koso, R. E., Terhoeve, C., Steen, R. G. and Zura, R. (Nov 2018). Healing, nonunion, and re-operation after internal fixation of diaphyseal and distal femoral fractures: a systematic review and meta-analysis. International Orthopaedics, 42(11) 2675-2683.


Kunisawa, K., Shimizu, T., Kushima, I., Aleksic, B., Mori, D., Osanai, Y., Kobayashi, K., Taylor, A. M., Bhat, M. A., Hayashi, A., Baba, H., Ozaki, N. and Ikenaka, K. 2018). Dysregulation of schizophrenia-related aquaporin 3 through disruption of paranode influences neuronal viability. Journal of Neurochemistry, 147(3) 395-408.

November 2018 Faculty Publications cont'd

Kuo, A. H., Li, C., Huber, H. F., Nathanielsz, P. W. and Clarke, G. D. (Nov 2018). Ageing changes in biventricular cardiac function in male and female baboons (Papio spp.). Journal of Physiology, 596(21) 5083-5098.

Land, K. J., Townsend, M., Goldman, M., Whitaker, B. I., Perez, G. E. and Wiersum-Osselton, J. C. (Nov 2018). International validation of harmonized definitions for complications of blood donations. Transfusion, 58(11) 2589-2595.


Liang, S., Medina, E. A., Li, B. and Habib, S. L. (Nov 2018). Preclinical evidence of the enhanced effectiveness of combined rapamycin and AICAR in reducing kidney cancer. Molecular Oncology, 12(11) 1917-1934.

Liss, M. A., White, J. R., Goros, M., Gelfond, J., Leach, R., Johnson-Pais, T., Lai, Z., Rourke, E., Basler, J., Ankerst, D. and Shah, D. P. (Nov 2018). Metabolic Biosynthesis Pathways Identified from Fecal Microbiome Associated with Prostate Cancer. European Urology, 74(5) 575-582.

Lopez-Cruzan, M., Roache, J. D., Hill-Kapturczak, N., Karns-Wright, T. E., Dougherty, D. M., Sanchez, J. J., Koek, W. and Javors, M. A. (Nov 2018). Pharmacokinetics of Phosphatidylethanol 16:0/20:4 in Human Blood After Alcohol Intake. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 42(11) 2094-2099.


Luking, K. R., Nelson, B. D., Infantolino, Z. P., Sauder, C. L. and Hajcak, G. (Nov 2018). Ventral Striatal Function Interacts With Positive and Negative Life Events to Predict Concurrent Youth Depressive Symptoms. Biological psychiatry. Cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging, 3(11) 937-946.

Majidinia, M., Reiter, R. J., Shakouri, S. K. and Yousefi, B. (Nov 2018). The role of melatonin, a multitasking molecule, in retarding the processes of ageing. Ageing Research Reviews, 47, 198-213.

Malik, L. and Cooper, J. (Nov 2018). A comparison of the quality of informed consent for phase I oncology trials over a 30-year period. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, 82(5) 907-910.

Mansour, A. M., Abdelrahim, M., Laymon, Mahmoud, Elsherbeeny, Mamdouh, Sultan, Mohammed, Shokeir, Ahmed, Mosbah, Ahmed, Abol-Enein, Hassan, Awadalla, Amira, Cho, Eunho, Sairam, Vikram, Park, Taeeun D., Shahid, Muhammad and Kim, Jayoung. (Nov 2018). Epidermal growth factor expression as a predictor of chemotherapeutic resistance in muscle-invasive bladder cancer. BMC Urology, 18(1) 100.


Martinez, F. J., Rabe, K. F., Calverley, P. M. A., Fabbri, L. M., Sethi, S., Pizzichini, E., McIvor, A., Anzueto, A., Alagappan, V. K. T., Siddiqui, S., Reisner, C., Zetterstrand, S., Román, J., Purkayastha, D., Bagul, N. and Rennard, S. I. (Nov 2018). Determinants of response to roflumilast in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Pooled analysis of two randomized trials. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 198(10) 1268-1278.

Mayer, F. P., Schmid, D., Owens, W. A., Gould, G. G., Apuschkin, M., Kudlacek, O., Salzer, I., Boehm, S., Chiba, P., Williams, P. H., Wu, H. H., Gether, U., Koek, W., Daws, L. C. and Sitte, H. H. (Nov 2018). An unsuspected role for organic cation transporter 3 in the actions of amphetamine. Neuropsychopharmacology, 43(12) 2408-2417.

McGlothen, K. S. and Cleveland, L. M. (Nov 2018). The Right to Mother's Milk: A Call for Social Justice That Encourages Breastfeeding for Women Receiving Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder. Journal of Human Lactation, 34(4) 799-803.

Ng, S. P., Bahig, H., Jethanandani, A., Pollard Iii, C., Berends, J., Sturgis, E. M., Johnson, F. M., Elgohari, B., Elhalawani, H., Mohamed, A. S., Rosenthal, D. I., Skinner, H. D., Gunn, G. B., Phan, J., Frank, S. J., Fuller, C. D. and Garden, A. S. 2018). Lymphopenia During Radiation Therapy In Patients with Oropharyngeal Cancer: Does It Affect Survival Outcomes? International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 102, e309-e309.


Nguyen, Q., Pandya, S., Chin, K. and Parkin, C. G. (Nov 2018). Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Detecting Reactive Hypoglycemia in Individuals Without Diabetes. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 12(6) 1244-1245.


Papanikolaou, K., Saenz, D., Rasmussen, K., Kirby, N., Stathakis, S., Pappas, E. and Li, Y. (Nov 2018). 3D Gel Dosimetry for Commissioning and Routing QA in Mono and Poly-Isocentric SRS. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 102, e486-e486.


Park, M. J., Shen, H., Kim, N. H., Gao, F., Failor, C., Knudtson, J. F., McLaughlin, J., Halder, S. K., Heikkinen, T. A., Vahteristo, P., Al-Hendy, A., Schenken, R. S. and Boyer, T. G. (Nov 2018). Mediator Kinase Disruption in MED12-Mutant Uterine Fibroids From Hispanic Women of South Texas. The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism, 103(11) 4283-4292.


Pavana, R. K., Shah, K., Gentile, T., Dybdal-Hargreaves, N. F., Risinger, A. L., Mooberry, S. L., Hamel, E. and Gangjee, A. (Nov 2018). Sterically induced conformational restriction: Discovery and preclinical evaluation of novel pyrrolo[3,2-d]pyrimidines as microtubule targeting agents. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 26(20) 5470-5478.


Penney, L. S., Nahid, M., Leykum, L. K., Lanham, H. J., Noël, P. H., Finley, E. P. and Pugh, J. (Nov 2018). Interventions to reduce readmissions: Can complex adaptive system theory explain the heterogeneity in effectiveness? A systematic review. BMC Health Services Research, 18(1) Article number 894.

Pickering, Carolyn E. Z. and Maxwell, Christopher. (Nov 2018). Recruitment, enrollment & data collection with victims of elder abuse and neglect identified from police incident reports. Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect, 30(5) 333-353.


Pruiksma, K. E., Fina, B., Dietch, J. R., Dondanville, K. A., Williams, J., Wright, E. C., Molino, A., Hall-Clark, B., Nicholson, K. L., Peterson, A. L., Taylor, D. J. and Consortium, Strong Star. (Nov 2018). Special Considerations in the Adaptation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia With Active-Duty U.S. Army Personnel. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 25(4) 515-530.


Robertson, C. L., Mendoza, R. G., Jariwala, N., Dozmorov, M., Mukhopadhyay, N. D., Subler, M. A., Windle, J. J., Lai, Z., Fisher, P. B., Ghosh, S. and Sarkar, D. (Nov 2018). Astrocyte elevated gene-1 regulates macrophage activation in hepatocellular carcinogenesis. Cancer Research, 78(22) 6436-6446.

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Subramanian, S. K. and Prasanna, S. S. (Nov 2018). Virtual Reality and Noninvasive Brain Stimulation in Stroke: How Effective Is Their Combination for Upper Limb Motor Improvement? -A Meta-Analysis. PM & R: Journal of Injury, Function & Rehabilitation, 10(11) 1261-1270.

Sutam, N., Jantarat, J., Ongchavalit, L., Sutimuntanakul, S. and Hargreaves, K. M. (Nov 2018). A Comparison of 3 Quantitative Radiographic Measurement Methods for Root Development Measurement in Regenerative Endodontic Procedures. Journal of Endodontics, 44(11) 1665-1670.


Tariq, H., Gilbert, A. and Sharkey, F. E. (Nov 2018). Intrathecal Methotrexate-Induced Necrotizing Myelopathy: A Case Report and Review of Histologic Features. Clinical Medicine Insights: Pathology, 11, 1179555718809071.


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