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UT Health San Antonio Faculty Publications: Oct 2018

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October 2018 Faculty Publications

Abdelfattah, N., Rajamanickam, S., Panneerdoss, S., Timilsina, S., Yadav, P., Onyeagucha, B. C., Garcia, M., Vadlamudi, R., Chen, Y., Brenner, A., Houghton, P. and Rao, M. K. (Oct 2018). MiR-584-5p potentiates vincristine and radiation response by inducing spindle defects and DNA damage in medulloblastoma. Nature Communications, 9(1), 4541.

Aguilar, C.A., Hamandi, B., Fegbeutel, C., Silveira, F.P., Verschuuren, E.A., Ussetti, P., Chin-Hong, P.V., Sole, A., Holmes-Liew, C., Billaud, E.M., Grossi, P.A., Manuel, O., Levine, D.J., Barbers, R.G., Hadjiliadis, D., Singer, L.G. and Husain, S. (Oct 2018). Clinical risk factors for invasive aspergillosis in lung transplant recipients: Results of an international cohort study. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, 37(10), 1226-1234.

Alatrach, M., Agyin, C., Mehta, R., Adams, J., DeFronzo, R. A. and Abdul-Ghani, M. (Oct 2018). Glucose-Mediated Glucose Disposal at Baseline Insulin is Impaired in IFG. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Al-Ekrish, A. a. A., Alfadda, S. A., Tamimi, D., Alfaleh, W., Hörmann, R., Puelacher, W. and Widmann, G. (Sept/Oct 2018). Do Ultra-Low Multidetector Computed Tomography Doses and Iterative Reconstruction Techniques Affect Subjective Classification of Bone Type at Dental Implant Sites? International Journal of Prosthodontics, 31(5), 465-470.

Armato, J. P., DeFronzo, R. A., Abdul-Ghani, M. and Ruby, R. J. (Oct 2018). Successful treatment of prediabetes in clinical practice using physiological assessment (STOP DIABETES). The Lancet. Diabetes and Endocrinology, 6(10), 781-789.

Arruda, M. E. F., Neves, M. A. S., Diogenes, A., Mdala, I., Guilherme, B. P. S., Siqueira, J. F., Jr. and Rôças, I. N. (Oct 2018). Infection Control in Teeth with Apical Periodontitis Using a Triple Antibiotic Solution or Calcium Hydroxide with Chlorhexidine: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Journal of Endodontics, 44(10), 1474-1479.

Back, S. E., Flanagan, J. C., Jones, J. L., Augur, I., Peterson, A. L., Young-McCaughan, S., Shirley, D. W., Henschel, A., Joseph, J. E., Litz, B. T., Hancock, A. K., Roache, J. D., Mintz, J., Wachen, J. S., Keane, T. M., Brady, K. T. and For the Consortium to Alleviate, P. (Oct 2018). Doxazosin for the treatment of co-occurring PTSD and alcohol use disorder: Design and methodology of a randomized controlled trial in military veterans. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 73, 8-15.

Bauman, J. E., Duvvuri, U., Thomas, S., Gooding, W. E., Clump, D. A., Karlovits, B., Wehbe, A., Miller, F. R., Kim, S., Sen, M., Heron, D. E., Grandis, J. R. and Argiris, A. (Oct 2018). Phase 1 study of EGFR-antisense DNA, cetuximab, and radiotherapy in head and neck cancer with preclinical correlatives. Cancer.

Bickelhaupt, B., Oyama, S., Benfield, J., Burau, K., Lee, S. and Trbovich, M. (Oct 2018). Effect of Wheelchair Stroke Pattern on Upper Extremity Muscle Fatigue. PM & R: The Journal of injury, function, and rehabilitation, 10(10), 1004-1011.

Burla, B., Arita, M., Arita, M., Bendt, A. K., Cazenave-Gassiot, A., Dennis, E. A., Ekroos, K., Han, X., Ikeda, K., Liebisch, G., Lin, M. K., Loh, T. P., Meikle, P. J., Oresic, M., Quehenberger, O., Shevchenko, A., Torta, F., Wakelam, M. J. O., Wheelock, C. E. and Wenk, M. R. (Oct 2018). MS-based lipidomics of human blood plasma: a community-initiated position paper to develop accepted guidelines. Journal of Lipid Research, 59(10), 2001-2017.

Cancino, R. S. and Jack, B. W. (Sep/Oct 2018). Family medicine hospitalists three years out of residency: Career flexibility or a threat to office-based family medicine? Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 31(5), 677-679.

Casal, R. F., Walsh, G., McArthur, M., Hill, L. R., Landaeta, M. F., Armas Villalba, A. J., Ong, P., Debiane, L., Vakil, E., Grosu, H. B., Jimenez, C. A., Ost, D., Adachi, R. and Eapen, G. A. (Oct 2018). Bronchoscopic Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy: An Experimental Study in Normal Porcine Lung Parenchyma. Journal of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology, 25(4), 322-329.

Castano, G. and Mada, P. K. (Sep 2018). Fungal Keratitis. In StatPearls. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing LLC.

Castellano, J.B. (Oct 2018). Early Care in Children: The Importance of Establishing a "Dental Home". Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry, 39(9), 660-660.

Cenoz-Donati, A. B., Schillerstrom, J. E. and Pokorny, J. J. (Oct 2018). Development of Evaluations to Assess the Quality of Residency Program Directors. Academic Psychiatry.

Cervantez, S. R., Tenner, L. L., Schmidt, S., Aduba, I. O., Jones, J. T., Ali, N. and Singh-Carlson, S. (Oct 2018). Symptom burden and palliative referral disparities in an ambulatory South Texas cancer center. Frontiers in Oncology, 8(OCT), 443.

Chen, S., Bastarrachea, R. A., Shen, J. S., Laviada-Nagel, A., Rodriguez-Ayala, E., Nava-Gonzalez, E. J., Huang, P., DeFronzo, R. A., Kent, J. W., Jr. and Grayburn, P. A. (Oct 2018). Ectopic BAT mUCP-1 overexpression in SKM by delivering a BMP7/PRDM16/PGC-1a gene cocktail or single PRMD16 using non-viral UTMD gene therapy. Gene Therapy, 25(7), 497-509.

Cheun, T. and Davies, M. G. (Oct 2018). Online Resources for the Hemodialysis Patient: The Elephant in the Room. Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 227, e164-e164.

Chilton, R., Lin, C., Gallegos, K. M. and Pham, S. (Oct 2018). Myocardial considerations in type 2 diabetes: 2018. Journal of Diabetes, 10(10), 784-788.

Collins, G. T. and France, C. P. (Oct 2018). Effects of lorcaserin and buspirone, administered alone and as a mixture, on cocaine self-administration in male and female rhesus monkeys. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 26(5), 488-496.

Danso, R., Hoedebecke, B., Whang, K., Sarrami, S., Johnston, A., Flipse, S., Wong, N. and Rawls, H. R. (Oct 2018). Development of an oxirane/acrylate interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) resin system. Dental Materials, 34(10), 1459-1465.

De La Chapa, J., Singha, P. K., Sallaway, M., Self, K., Nasreldin, R., Dasari, R., Hart, M., Kornienko, A., Just, J., Smith, J. A., Bissember, A. C. and Gonzales, C. B. (Oct 2018). Novel polygodial analogs P3 and P27: Efficacious therapeutic agents disrupting mitochondrial function in oral squamous cell carcinoma. International Journal of Oncology.

Devambatla, R. K. V., Choudhary, S., Ihnat, M., Hamel, E., Mooberry, S. L. and Gangjee, A. (Oct 2018). Design, synthesis and preclinical evaluation of 5-methyl-N4-aryl-furo[2,3-d]pyrimidines as single agents with combination chemotherapy potential. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 28(18), 3085-3093.

Dominguez, L. M., Villarreal, R. and Simpson, C. B. (Oct 2018). Voice Outcomes of Lipoinjection Versus Medialization Laryngoplasty for Nonparalytic Glottic Insufficiency. Laryngoscope.

Dussor, G., Boyd, J. T. and Akopian, A. N. (Oct 2018). Pituitary hormones and orofacial pain. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 12, 42.

Edwards, N., Feliers, D., Zhao, Q., Stone, R., Christy, R. and Cheng, X. (Oct 2018). An electrochemically deposited collagen wound matrix combined with adipose-derived stem cells improves cutaneous wound healing in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes. Journal of Biomaterials Applications, 33(4), 553-565.

Estafanous, E. W., Osswald, M., Ellingsen, J.-E., Oates, T. W., Huynh-Ba, G. and Chvartszaid, D. (Sep/Oct 2018). Use of Oral Implants for Cancer Reconstruction: The Role of the Approach to Vascular Flaps in Implant Outcomes. International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, 33(5), 959-960.

Farokhi, M. R., Muck, A., Lozano-Pineda, J., Boone, S. L. and Worabo, H. (Oct 2018). Using Interprofessional Education to Promote Oral Health Literacy in a Faculty-Student Collaborative Practice. Journal of Dental Education, 82(10), 1091-1097.

Feine, J., Abou-Ayash, S., Al Mardini, M., de Santana, R. B., Bjelke-Holtermann, T., Bornstein, M. M., Braegger, U., Cao, O., Cordaro, L., Eycken, D., Fillion, M., Gebran, G., Huynh-Ba, G., Joda, T., Levine, R., Mattheos, N., Oates, T. W., Abd-Ul-Salam, H., Santosa, R., Shahdad, S., Storelli, S., Sykaras, N., Treviño Santos, A., Stephanie Webersberger, U., Williams, M. A. H., Wilson, T. G., Jr., Wismeijer, D., Wittneben, J. G., Yao, C. J. and Zubiria, J. P. V. (Oct 2018). Group 3 ITI Consensus Report: Patient-reported outcome measures associated with implant dentistry. Clinical Oral Implants Research, 29, 270-275.

Ferguson, G. T., Buhl, R., Bothner, U., Hoz, A. D. L., Voß, F., Anzueto, A. and Calverley, P. M. A. (Oct 2018). Safety of tiotropium/olodaterol in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: pooled analysis of three large, 52-week, randomized clinical trials. Respiratory Medicine, 143, 67-73.

Ferreira, C. R., Xia, Z. J., Clément, A., Parry, D. A., Davids, M., Taylan, F., Sharma, P., Turgeon, C. T., Blanco-Sánchez, B., Ng, B. G., Logan, C. V., Wolfe, L. A., Solomon, B. D., Cho, M. T., Douglas, G., Carvalho, D. R., Bratke, H., Haug, M. G., Phillips, J. B., Wegner, J., Tiemeyer, M., Aoki, K., Nordgren, A., Hammarsjö, A., Duker, A. L., Rohena, L., Hove, H. B., Ek, J., Adams, D., Tifft, C. J., Onyekweli, T., Weixel, T., Macnamara, E., Radtke, K., Powis, Z., Earl, D., Gabriel, M., Russi, A. H. S., Brick, L., Kozenko, M., Tham, E., Raymond, K. M., Phillips, J. A., III, Tiller, G. E., Wilson, W. G., Hamid, R., Malicdan, M. C. V., Nishimura, G., Grigelioniene, G., Jackson, A., Westerfield, M., Bober, M. B., Gahl, W. A., Freeze, H. H., Undiagnosed Diseases, N. and Scottish Genome, P. (Oct 2018). A Recurrent De Novo Heterozygous COG4 Substitution Leads to Saul-Wilson Syndrome, Disrupted Vesicular Trafficking, and Altered Proteoglycan Glycosylation. American Journal of Human Genetics, 103(4), 553-567.

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Gavinski, K., Covin, Y. N. and Longo, P. J. (Oct 2018). Learning How to Build Illness Scripts. Academic Medicine.

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Goday, P., Huh, S. Y., Silverman, A., Lukens, C. T., Dodrill, P., Cohen, S. S., Delaney, A. L., Feuling, M. B., Noel, R. J., Gisel, E., Kenzer, A., Kessler, D. B., Camargo, O. K., Browne, J. and Phalen, J. A. (Oct 2018). Pediatric Feeding Disorder: Consensus Definition and Conceptual Framework. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition.

Gonzales, M. M., Insel, P. S., Nelson, C., Tosun, D., Schöll, M., Mattsson, N., Sacuiu, S., Bickford, D., Weiner, M. W., Mackin, R. S. and the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, I. (Oct 2018). Chronic depressive symptomatology and CSF amyloid beta and tau levels in mild cognitive impairment. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 33(10), 1305-1311.

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He, L., Tang, M., Xiao, T., Liu, H., Liu, W., Li, G., Zhang, F., Xiao, Y., Zhou, Z., Liu, F. and Hu, F. (Oct 2018). Obesity Associated miR-199a/214 Cluster Inhibits Adipose Browning via PRDM16-PGC-1alpha Transcriptional Network. Diabetes.

Heitz-Mayfield, L. J., Aaboe, M., Araujo, M., Carrión, J. B., Cavalcanti, R., Cionca, N., Cochran, D., Darby, I., Funakoshi, E., Gierthmuehlen, P. C., Hashim, D., Jahangiri, L., Kwon, Y., Lambert, F., Layton, D. M., Lorenzana, E. R., McKenna, G., Mombelli, A., Müller, F., Roccuzzo, M., Salvi, G. E., Schimmel, M., Srinivasan, M., Tomasi, C. and Yeo, A. (Oct 2018). Group 4 ITI Consensus Report: Risks and biologic complications associated with implant dentistry. Clinical Oral Implants Research, 29, 351-358.

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Jackson, C., De Carvalho, M., Genge, A., Heiman-Patterson, T., Shefner, J. M., Wei, J. and Wolff, A. A. (Oct 2018). Relationships between slow vital capacity and measures of respiratory function on the ALSFRS-R. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Frontotemporal Degeneration, 1-7.

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Karns-Wright, T. E., Dougherty, D. M., Hill-Kapturczak, N., Mathias, C. W. and Roache, J. D. (Oct 2018). The correspondence between transdermal alcohol monitoring and daily self-reported alcohol consumption. Addictive Behaviors, 85, 147-152.

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