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UT Health San Antonio Faculty Publications: Dec 2018

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December 2018 Faculty Publications

Adhikari, B. M., Jahanshad, N., Shukla, D., Glahn, D. C., Blangero, J., Fox, P. T., Reynolds, R. C., Cox, R. W., Fieremans, E., Veraart, J., Novikov, D. S., Nichols, T. E., Hong, L. E., Thompson, P. M. and Kochunov, P. (Dec 2018). Comparison of heritability estimates on resting state fMRI connectivity phenotypes using the ENIGMA analysis pipeline. Human Brain Mapping, 39(12), 4893-4902.

Austah, O., Joon, R., Fath, W. M., Chrepa, V., Diogenes, A., Ezeldeen, M., Couve, E. and Ruparel, N. B. (Dec 2018). Comprehensive Characterization of 2 Immature Teeth Treated with Regenerative Endodontic Procedures. Journal of Endodontics, 44(12), 1802-1811.


Bahrami, N., Goudarzi, M., Hosseinzadeh, A., Sabbagh, S., Reiter, R. J. and Mehrzadi, S. (Dec 2018). Evaluating the protective effects of melatonin on di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate-induced testicular injury in adult mice. Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, 108, 515-523.


Behnke, K., Zhuang, Y., Xu, H. C., Sundaram, B., Reich, M., Shinde, P. V., Huang, J., Modares, N. F., Tumanov, A. V., Polz, R., Scheller, J., Ware, C. F., Pfeffer, K., Keitel, V., Häussinger, D., Pandyra, A. A., Lang, K. S. and Lang, P. A. (Dec 2018). B Cell-Mediated Maintenance of Cluster of Differentiation 169–Positive Cells Is Critical for Liver Regeneration. Hepatology, 68(6), 2348-2361.


Bergman, M., Manco, M., Sesti, G., Dankner, R., Pareek, M., Jagannathan, R., Chetrit, A., Abdul-Ghani, M., Buysschaert, M., Olsen, M. H., Nilsson, P. M., Medina, J. L., Roth, J., Groop, L., del Prato, S., Raz, I. and Ceriello, A. (Dec 2018). Petition to replace current OGTT criteria for diagnosing prediabetes with the 1-hour post-load plasma glucose ≥ 155 mg/dl (8.6 mmol/L). Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 146, 18-33.

Bhattacharya, A., Lord, B., Grigoleit, J. S., He, Y., Fraser, I., Campbell, S. N., Taylor, N., Aluisio, L., O'Connor, J. C., Papp, M., Chrovian, C., Carruthers, N., Lovenberg, T. W. and Letavic, M. A. (Dec 2018). Neuropsychopharmacology of JNJ-55308942: evaluation of a clinical candidate targeting P2X7 ion channels in animal models of neuroinflammation and anhedonia. Neuropsychopharmacology, 43(13), 2586-2596.

Blanco, C. L., Gastaldelli, A., Anzueto, D. G., Winter, L. A., Seidner, S. R., McCurnin, D. C., Liang, H., Javors, M. A., DeFronzo, R. A. and Musi, N. (Dec 2018). Effects of intravenous AICAR (5- aminoimidazole-4-carboximide riboside) administration on insulin signaling and resistance in premature baboons, Papio sp. PloS One, 13(12), e0208757.


Cantey, J. B., Pyle, A. K., Wozniak, P. S., Hynan, L. S. and Sánchez, P. J. (Dec 2018). Early Antibiotic Exposure and Adverse Outcomes in Preterm, Very Low Birth Weight Infants. Journal of Pediatrics, 203, 62-67.

Chen, H. I. H., Chiu, Y. C., Zhang, T., Zhang, S., Huang, Y. and Chen, Y. (Dec 2018). GSAE: An autoencoder with embedded gene-set nodes for genomics functional characterization. BMC Systems Biology, 12 (Suppl 8):Article number 142.

Cheng, C. J. and Nelson, J. F. (Dec 2018). Physiological basis for sex-specific differences in longevity. Current Opinion in Physiology, 6, 57-64.

Chilton, R. J., Gallegos, K. M., Silva-Cardoso, J., Oliveros, R. and Pham, S. (Dec 2018). The Evolving Role of the Cardiologist in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes. Current Diabetes Reports, 18(12), 144.


Chiu, Y. C., Hsiao, T. H., Wang, L. J., Chen, Y. and Shao, Y. H. J. (Dec 2018). scdNet: A computational tool for single-cell differential network analysis. BMC Systems Biology, 12 (Suppl 8):Article number 124.


Chiu, Y. C., Hsiao, T. H., Wang, L. J., Chen, Y. and Chuang, E. Y. (Nov-Dec 2018). Analyzing Differential Regulatory Networks Modulated by Continuous-State Genomic Features in Glioblastoma Multiforme. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 15(6), 1754-1764.

Chiu, Y. C., Hsiao, T. H., Wang, L. J., Chen, Y. and Shao, Y. H. J. (Dec 2018). scdNet: A computational tool for single-cell differential network analysis. BMC Systems Biology, 12, Article number 124.

Cigarroa, F. G., Masters, B. S. and Sharphorn, D. (Dec 2018). Institutional Conflicts of Interest and Public Trust. JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association, 320(22), 2305-2306.

Clarke, C., Smith, E., Khan, M. and Al-Mohtaseb, Z. (Dec 2018). Social Media and Ophthalmology: Perspectives of Patients and Ophthalmologists. Journal of Medical Systems, 42(12), 258.

Cody, J. D., Heard, P., Rupert, D., Hasi-Zogaj, M., Hill, A., Sebold, C. and Hale, D. E. (Dec 2018). Chromosome 18 gene dosage map 2.0. Human Genetics, 137(11-12), 961-970.


Copeland, L. A., Zeber, J. E., Thibodeaux, L. V., McIntyre, R. T., Stock, E. M. and Hochhalter, A. K. (Dec 2018). Postdischarge Correlates of Health Literacy among Medicaid Inpatients. Population Health Management, 21(6), 493-500.

Cunningham, G. M., Flores, L. C., Roman, M. G., Cheng, C., Dube, S., Allen, C., Valentine, J. M., Hubbard, G. B., Bai, Y., Saunders, T. L. and Ikeno, Y. (Dec 2018). Thioredoxin overexpression in both the cytosol and mitochondria accelerates age-related disease and shortens lifespan in male C57BL/6 mice. GeroScience, 40(5-6), 453-468.

de Zeeuw, D., Renfurm, R. W., Bakris, G., Rossing, P., Perkovic, V., Hou, F. F., Nangaku, M., Sharma, K., Heerspink, H. J. L., Garcia-Hernandez, A. and Larsson, T. E. (Dec 2018). Efficacy of a novel inhibitor of vascular adhesion protein-1 in reducing albuminuria in patients with diabetic kidney disease (ALBUM): a randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 2 trial. The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, 6(12), 925-933.

Doolin, J., Vilches, J. E., Cooper, C., Gipson, C. and Sorensen, W. (Dec 2018). Perceived stress and worldview influence sleep quality in Bolivian and United States university students. Sleep Health, 4(6), 565-571.

Dowless, M., Lowery, C. D., Shackleford, T., Renschler, M., Stephens, J., Flack, R., Blosser, W., Gupta, S., Stewart, J., Webster, Y., Dempsey, J., VanWye, A. B., Ebert, P., Iversen, P., Olsen, J. B., Gong, X., Buchanan, S., Houghton, P. and Stancato, L. (Dec 2018). Abemaciclib is active in preclinical models of Ewing sarcoma via multipronged regulation of cell cycle, DNA methylation, and interferon pathway signaling. Clinical Cancer Research, 24(23), 6028-6039.

Espinoza, S. E., Quiben, M. and Hazuda, H. P. (Dec 2018). Distinguishing Comorbidity, Disability, and Frailty. Current Geriatrics Reports, 7(4), 201-209. Request through Interlibrary Loan


Evans, T. C., Wick, K. H., Andrilla, C. H. A., Skaggs, S. A. and Burgin, T. (Dec 2018). A Method to Study the Effect of a Physician Assistant Student on Preceptor Productivity. The Journal of Physician Assistant Education:The Official Journal of the Physician Assistant Education Association, 29(4), 205-210.

Evans, W. R., Szabo, Y. Z., Stanley, M. A., Barrera, T. L., Exline, J. J., Pargament, K. I. and Teng, E. J. (Dec 2018). Life satisfaction among veterans: Unique associations with morally injurious events and posttraumatic growth. Traumatology, 24(4), 263-270.


Foster, B. A., Winkler, P., Weinstein, K. and Parra-Medina, D. (Dec 2018). Developing a patient-centered outcome for targeting early childhood obesity across multiple stakeholdersBMC Obesity, 5(1):Article number 39.

Freitas, D. Q., Fontenele, R. C., Nascimento, E. H. L., Vasconcelos, T. V. and Noujeim, M. (Dec 2018). Influence of acquisition parameters on the magnitude of cone beam computed tomography artifactsDento-Maxillo-Facial Radiology, 47(8), 20180151


Garcia, H. A., Benzer, J. K., Haro, E. and Finley, E. P. (Dec 2018). Occupational burnout among PTSD specialty clinic providers in the Veterans Health Administration: Perceptions of bureaucratic and political oversight. Mental Health and Prevention, 12, 42-49.

Garrison, A. M., Parrott, J. M., Tunon, A., Delgado, J., Redus, L. and O'Connor, J. C. (Dec 2018). Author response to: Modulating kynurenine monooxygenase in microglia: The need for further characterization. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 98, 231-232.

Gilbert, G. H., Cochran, D. L., Fellows, J. L., Gordan, V. V., Makhija, S. K., Meyerowitz, C. and Rindal, D. B. (Dec 2018). Engaging clinicians in research. Journal of the American Dental Association, 149(12), 1007-1008.


Govani, S. M., Lipson, Rachel, Noureldin, Mohamed, Wiitala, Wyndy, Higgins, Peter D. R., Saini, Sameer D., Pugh, Jacqueline A., Velligan, Dawn I., Stidham, Ryan W. and Waljee, Akbar K. (Dec 2018). Adalimumab Persistence for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Veteran and Insured Cohorts. American Journal of Managed Care, 24(12), e374-e375.


Graber, A., April, C. and April, M. D. (Winter 2018). Proxy Consent by a Physician When a Patient's Capacity Is Equivocal: Respecting a Patient's Autonomy by Overriding the Patient's Ostensible Treatment Preferences. The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 29(4), 266-275. Request through Interlibrary Loan.


Gramegna, A., Sotgiu, G., Di Pasquale, M., Radovanovic, D., Terraneo, S., Reyes, L. F., Vendrell, E., Neves, J., Menzella, F., Blasi, F., Aliberti, S. and Restrepo, M. I. (Dec 2018). Atypical pathogens in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia: A worldwide perspective. BMC Infectious Diseases, 18(1).


He, L., Tang, M., Xiao, T., Liu, H., Liu, W., Li, G., Zhang, F., Xiao, Y., Zhou, Z., Liu, F. and Hu, F. (Dec 2018). Obesity-associated miR-199a/214 cluster inhibits adipose browning via PRDM16-PGC-1α transcriptional network. Diabetes, 67(12), 2585-2600.

Heil, E. L., Claeys, K. C., Mynatt, R. P., Hopkins, T. L., Brade, K., Watt, I., Rybak, M. J. and Pogue, J. M. (Dec 2018). Making the change to area under the curve-based vancomycin dosing. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 75(24), 1986-1995.

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Jadhav, A., Panczykowski, D., Jumaa, M., Aghaebrahim, A., Ranginani, M., Nguyen, F., Desai, S. M., Grandhi, R., Ducruet, A., Gross, B. A., Jankowitz, B. T. and Jovin, T. G. (Dec 2018). Angioplasty and stenting for symptomatic extracranial non-tandem internal carotid artery occlusion. Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery, 10(12), 1155-1160.

Junco, J. J., Cho, J., Mancha, A., Malik, G., Wei, S. J., Kim, D. J., Liang, H., DiGiovanni, J. and Slaga, T. J. (Dec 2018). Role of AMPK and PPARα in the anti-skin cancer effects of ursolic acid. Molecular Carcinogenesis, 57(12), 1698-1706.


Kelly, K. R., Friedberg, J. W., Park, S. I., McDonagh, K., Hayslip, J., Persky, D., Ruan, J., Puvvada, S., Rosen, P., Iyer, S. P., Stefanovic, A., Bernstein, S. H., Weitman, S., Karnad, A., Monohan, G., VanderWalde, A., Mena, R., Schmelz, M., Spier, C., Groshen, S., Venkatakrishnan, K., Zhou, X., Sheldon-Waniga, E., Jane Leonard, E. and Mahadevan, D. (Dec 2018). Phase I Study of the Investigational Aurora A Kinase Inhibitor Alisertib plus Rituximab or Rituximab/Vincristine in Relapsed/Refractory Aggressive B-cell Lymphoma. Clinical Cancer Research, 24(24), 6150-6159.

Kleszczyński, K., Bilska, B., Stegemann, A., Flis, D. J., Ziolkowski, W., Pyza, E., Luger, T. A., Reiter, R. J., Böhm, M. and Slominski, A. T. (Dec 2018). Melatonin and its metabolites ameliorate UVR-induced mitochondrial oxidative stress in human MNT-1 melanoma cells. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 19(12).


Knowles, E. E. M., Curran, J. E., Meikle, P. J., Huynh, K., Mathias, S. R., Göring, H. H. H., VandeBerg, J. L., Mahaney, M. C., Jalbrzikowski, M., Mosior, M. K., Michael, L. F., Olvera, R. L., Duggirala, R., Almasy, L., Glahn, D. C. and Blangero, J. (Dec 2018). Disentangling the genetic overlap between cholesterol and suicide risk. Neuropsychopharmacology, 43(13), 2556-2563.

Kosturakis, A. K., LaRusso, K. E., Carroll, N. D. and Nicholl, M. B. (Dec 2018). First 100 consecutive robotic inguinal hernia repairs at a Veterans Affairs hospital. Journal of Robotic Surgery, 12(4), 699-704.

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Lee, J. H., Phelan, P., Shin, M., Oh, B. C., Han, X., Im, S. S. and Osborne, T. F. (Dec 2018). SREBP-1a–stimulated lipid synthesis is required for macrophage phagocytosis downstream of TLR4-directed mTORC1. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115(52), E12228-E12234.

Li, X., Rensing, C., Taylor, W. L., Costelle, C., Brejnrod, A. D., Ferry, R. J., Jr., Higgins, P. B., Folli, F., Kottapalli, K. R., Hubbard, G. B., Dick, E. J., Jr., Yooseph, S., Nelson, K. E. and Schlabritz-Loutsevitch, N. (Dec 2018). Papio spp. Colon microbiome and its link to obesity in pregnancy. Journal of Medical Primatology, 47(6), 393-401.

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Malloy, K., Cardenas, D., Blackburn, A., Whitmire, L. and Cavazos, J. E. (Dec 2018). Time to response and patient visibility during tonic–clonic seizures in the epilepsy monitoring unit. Epilepsy and Behavior, 89, 84-88.

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Molepo, M., Barnard, A. C., Birkholtz, F., Tetsworth, K., Glatt, V. and Hohmann, E. (Dec 2018). Functional outcomes of the failed plate fixation in distal tibial fractures salvaged by hexapod external fixator. European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, 28(8), 1617-1624.


Mughal, T. I., Lion, T., Abdel-Wahab, O., Mesa, R., Scherber, R. M., Perrotti, D., Mauro, M., Verstovsek, S., Saglio, G., Van Etten, R. A. and Kralovics, R. (Dec 2018). Precision immunotherapy, mutational landscape, and emerging tools to optimize clinical outcomes in patients with classical myeloproliferative neoplasms. Hematological Oncology, 36(5), 740-748.

Musi, N., Valentine, J. M., Sickora, K. R., Baeuerle, E., Thompson, C. S., Shen, Q. and Orr, M. E. (Dec 2018). Tau protein aggregation is associated with cellular senescence in the brain. Aging Cell, 17(6), e12840.

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