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Briscoe Library Disaster Plan

Library Disaster Team and Contacts

The Disaster Team Leader assumes a primary role in managing the disaster, working closely with the Senior Library Director, and other staff. The Senior Library Director will ultimately be responsible for all actions and decisions, based on advice from the Disaster Team, and in collaboration with University Police, Facilities Management, and Environmental Health and Safety.

Library Disaster Team includes:


Senior Director of Libraries

Owen Ellard

Disaster Team Leader


Resource Management Head

Andrea Schorr

Branch Libraries & Community Engagement

Peg Seger

Library Administration

Sharon Leach

Evacuation Management Team Coordinator

Walter Creech

Records Management Coordinator

Owen Ellard

Photographer/Disaster Documentation Representative

Walter Creech


UT Health Science Center Disaster Support:


Chief, UT Police

Michael Parks

Asst VP for Environmental Health and Safety

Michael Charlton

Asst VP for Campus Operations, Facilities Management

Raymundo Rivera

Disaster Team Responsibilities

The Disaster Team will:

  • Coordinate with emergency services (University Police, Facilities Management, Environmental Health and Safety) to determine when and where it is safe to enter the building.

  • Prepare for recovery.  Contact BMS Catastrophe (1-800-433-2940, 210-542-4180-cell).

  • Once staff are allowed back into the building, assess the nature and extent of damage and take photographs to document the damage.

  • Identify a disaster command post with necessary communication equipment, desks, and supplies for directing the recovery effort.

  • Work with BMS Catastrophe to assemble pallets, cartons, book trucks, and work crews.

  • Make salvage decisions and take action quickly because mold can start growing on wet materials within 48 hours.

For more details on handling specific emergencies, consult Procedures for Campus Emergency Situations.