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NURS 7324 - Healthcare Economics & Policy: Google Advanced

Library and other resources for Nursing policy

Why use Google?

You will need to use non-academic resources to understand the many components of your policy. Google can help you find those resources. Policy changes often happen quickly and in reaction to current events. The pace of academic publication is, by its nature, slower. You will need to find government documents, newspaper articles, and other types of information to support the work in your assignment.

Regulated URLs

There are 3 regulated Internet domains:

  • .gov (Must be a body of the US government -- check out
  • .edu (Educational institutions must apply for, and be granted, a .edu web address)
  • .mil (Reserved for the US Department of Defense, its subsidiaries, and affiliated organizations)

Knowing these domains will help cut through the noise of a larger Google search. Limit to one of these domains in order to look for information about your policy.

Search a Specific Domain

Some sites are difficult to search. Let Google Advanced do the work for you. Limit your search to a particular web address:

  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality --