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NURS 7324 - Healthcare Economics & Policy: Health Policy

Library and other resources for Nursing policy

Health Institutes

Health Institutes are tuned into the political landscape. They have pre-existing networks that respond to and drive policy. These are good places to look for policies and background information.

Definitions and Distinctions

  • Research Institutes - endowed for doing research, usually in a specific area
  • Think Tanks - a type of research institute, also known as policy institutes
  • Public Health Institutes - non-profit, can be governmental organizations, focus on organizing public health efforts
  • Academic Health Institutes - associated with a college or university, intended to turn academic research into a guide for health care and health policy, a category of Research Institutes
  • Foundations - a legal categorization of non-profit entities that donate funds and support to other organizations, or provide funding for its own charitable purposes
  • Private Foundations - typically endowed by an individual or family with the mission to fund research through grants


Health Statistics

Search Public Law

At the Federal level, bills and joint resolutions may be searched as public laws after  they have been assigned a P.L. number.

Search via by congressional session or keyword.


When considering policy impact and the conversation in the population, consider the following resources:

Newspapers and Media outlets


  • Trends -- Enter "health policy" or "nursing" and review the results
  • Choose a person, activist, or group that is vocal in an area that interests you

Facebook pages

  • Of policy makers at all levels
  • Of businesses in your area of interest


Find a topic of interest, and let that guide you to a policy.