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NURS 7322 - Healthcare Policy, Analysis and Advocacy: Regulation

An introduction to resources for health policy research in NURS 7322.


Rules and regulations happen in response to a bill passing into law. It tells how the law is to be enacted and enforced. Generally speaking, most institutions offer a period of public comment on proposed rules and regulations:

​​​​​​​Consider setting up a Google alert.

Federal Regulation

Finding new regulations:
Finding existing regulations:
Understanding the Process:

State Regulation

Finding new regulations:
Finding existing regulations:

Local Regulation

Finding new regulations:
  • Any ordinance with a penalty must be published in the newspaper
  • View public notices
  • Copies of Rules and Regulations must be filed at the City Clerk's Office prior to adoption
  • San Antonio Express News - Local Politics
  • Attend City Council Meetings

Finding existing regulations: