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NURS 7322 - Healthcare Policy, Analysis and Advocacy: Overview

An introduction to resources for health policy research in NURS 7322.

About this Resource Guide

This guide is designed specifically for NURS7322 to assist you in researching your health-policy topic.

Policy research includes both empirical evidence AND values clarification. Values premises are based on of ethical and moral principles. As an example, consider the politics and perspectives around vaccines for COVID19.

Ask yourself the clinical question:

  • Are vaccines effective in preventing hospitalization in those who contract COVID19?

Now, ask yourself the policy question:

  • Should COVID19 vaccines be legislatively mandated for healthcare workers?

 What types of information and perspectives will you consider?

Browse Health Policy Journals in the library's collection

Image of a selection of health policy journals available in the library

Meeting with Legislators

It is critical to prepare for your meeting with a legislator prior to the actual meeting. Bear in mind that you may meet with an aide rather than the actual legislator. Be prepared with a plan for before, during, and after the meeting.

Before the meeting

  • Decide who will accompany you or if you will go alone
  • Choose roles for each person if you go with a group
  • Research an advocacy group aligned with your issue to see if they offer preparation tips or practice
  • Identify your primary message
  • Practice!

During the meeting

  • Introduce yourself clearly, even if you have met before or over the phone
  • Stay on message
  • Remember you may disagree with the aide or legislator, but you need their help, so be polite
  • Ask for a commitment, even a small commitment can move you forward
  • Allow time for questions and be respectful of their schedule
  • Leave them with a summary sheet or handout

After the meeting

  • Send a sincere thank-you note and remind the legislator of any commitments
  • Share the results of your meeting
  • Stay in contact with the legislator if appropriate to show how you are following up

Key Databases

Resources Legislator Meeting