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NURS 7322: Healthcare Policy, Analysis and Advocacy

An introduction to resources for health policy research in NURS 7322.

About Policy Research

This course focuses on health-policy research. Unlike scientific research, this will not be "fair and unbiased". Politics often drives policy.

  • Bias: You will confront bias. However, it is not necessarily a bad thing because it can help you define stakeholders and identify allies. Just be aware of it, determine what it is, and decide whether the resource is useful for you.
  • Lobbying vs. Advocacy: Lobbying often has a negative connotation, while advocacy has a positive one. Both intend to influence policy and both require funding. There is, however, an important legal distinction between the two.

You will use non-academic sources, so remember to be skeptical. This guide should help you find good resources that will support your endeavor to engage in the policy-making process.

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