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Editing 3D Models with Meshmixer

This guide will teach basic editing of 3D models using Meshmixer.

Modifying a 3D Anatomical Model

Image of a 3D printed hand skeletonThis lesson is meant to teach the basics of using Meshmixer using real files. Download the working files.

Learning Objectives specific to this course:

  • Load an .stl or .obj file into MeshMixer
  • Rotate and move a metacarpal/carpal using the transform tool
  • Select various anatomical structures of the hand model using the Select tool
  • Resize the metacarpal/carpal to adapt for print using the Units and Dimensions tool
  • Slice areas of the model using the Plane Cut Tool
  • Repair existing holes and defects in preparation for print using the Select Tool submenus
  • Create holes as needed for continuity of design using the Meshmixer Tool
  • Examine the model using the Inspector tool
  • Repair the model using the Inspector tool to ensure a watertight end product

What is Meshmixer?

​Meshmixer is a program that allows you to combine, edit, alter, and fix 3D objects, or meshes. 

A few tools in includes are:

  • Hollowing or solidifying objects
  • Close holes and repair models
  • Resize, rotate, and transform
  • Slice or combine models
  • Create holes or tubes through models
  • Smooth surfaces or reduce geometry

Downloading Meshmixer & Working Files

Download Meshmixer software

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later or OS X / macOS 10.11 or later
  • 4GB system RAM

Download Lesson Files