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Editing 3D Models with Meshmixer

This guide will teach basic editing of 3D models using Meshmixer.

Step 5: Slice areas of the model using the Plane Cut tool

Tool Used: Plane Cut

The Plane Cut tool allows you to slice models into parts or to discard parts you do not need.

  • Click on the Edit menu
  • Choose the Plane Cut Tool
  • Use the arrows and colored curves to adjust the plane.
  • Choose your Cut Type
  • Cut (Discard Half) – Keeps only the solid half of the model and deletes the other half
  • Slice (Keep Both) – Slices the model in two at the desired plane and keeps both halves
    • * If you chose Keep Both, you will then need to choose the Edit Menu again, and choose Separate Shells. This will separate the two halves into individual files.
  • Choose Remeshed Fill as your Fill Type – This will ensure the model is watertight.
  • Click Accept

Screenshot of a skeletal hand model being sliced using the plane cut tool