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School of Dentistry: Evidence-Based Practice: Dental Biomaterials

Resources to support EBP: EBD

ADA Product Guide

Commercial Sites

Dental Product Shopper (DPS)

  • Commercial databases of new and established dental products
  • Product Reviews & Evaluations
  • Manufacturer Index

Oral Health Group

  • Reviews of dental products and information on technique

Dental Products Report

  • Commercial database of reviews, product information such as MSDS
  • Facebook page

Dental Advisor

  • product reviews and comparison tables

Dental Warrior

  • Facilitated by a veteran dentist
  • product information, case studies, links to practice management

Dentistry Today

  • commercialized online magazine
  • industry related news
  • product information and reviews

Inside Dentistry

  • Product Information, Reviews by type:  see "Products" then "Composite"
  • aka AEGIS Communications
  • Also publishes: Compendium, Inside Dental Technology (IDT) & CDE World
  • Platform of current, evidence–based clinical, educational, and practice

Country Specific Links

Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service (CIRS)

  • product safety and chemical management consulting firm
  • chemical notifications, global GHS compliance, pesticides and biocides registration, cosmetics and new cosmetic ingredient registration, medical device registration, food and food-related products
  • compliance services, testing, regulatory update monitoring and training
  • US, Ireland, Tawain, China, Korea & more

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety

  • MSDS & SDS; breakdown and explanation of sheet sections
  • Legislation, Hazards and links to other Safety Standards

Manufacturer and Distributor Direct Links to MSDS/SDS

Material Safety Data Sheets

Smart Practice

  • distributor and manufacturer site that links to MSDS

EHSO: Environment, Health & Safety Online

  • EPA and OSHA federal registries and latest warnings
  • MSDS alphabetical by manufacturer
  • All areas, not just Dentistry

Interactive Learning Paradigms, Incorporated

  • Over arching site with live links to private and commercial manufacturer safety data
  • MSDS & SDS sheets



  • Chemical Safety Information from InterGovernmental Organizations
  • In partnership with WHO, CCOHS & IOMC