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School of Dentistry: Evidence-Based Practice: Study Design

Resources to support EBP: EBD

Study Types translated through Level of Evidence Pyramid

Open Access Resources for Research

Center for Open Science:  A Scholarly Commons to help connect the entire research cycle

ORCHID: Open Researcher and Contributor ID: provides research IDs to profiles confirming identities, offers active community, tools and platforms to support science research projects through API, can link to funding sources

Flow Chart

Determine the best study for your type of PICO question

Type of Question

Suggested Best Type of Study


RCT > prospective cohort


Prospective, blind comparison to a gold standard


RCT > cohort > case control > case series


cohort study > case control > case series


RCT > cohort study > case control > case series

Clinical Exam

prospective, blind comparison to gold standard


economic analysis


Know the Vocabulary

For immediate access to Research Term Glossaries use the links below:

E-Book on Conducting Surveys