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Briscoe Library Room Guidelines: Study Rooms

Study Room Reservations

Individual Study Rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. Group Study Rooms may be reserved 24/7/365. Only UT Health students, faculty, and staff may use these rooms.

Computer classroom 2.011 and meeting rooms may be reserved on weeknights 6 pm - 7 am, and any time on weekends.

Noise Level on Each Floor

Each floor of the Briscoe Library has a designated purpose and a corresponding noise level. Library users are asked to be respectful of their colleagues, and adhere to these designations, and self-monitor the noise level. Library staff do not shush users.

Find a Place to Study

Get Help

If you are in need of further help or information, click the Get Help button to contact the Liaison Librarian assigned to your school.

About the Study Rooms

The Briscoe Library has individual and group study rooms on all floors of the library.  These rooms provide both quiet study and group collaboration space and are important to the educational mission of the university. Study room availability is displayed on a monitor on the 3rd floor near the library entrance which looks like this:


Individual Study Rooms

  • 24 Individual study rooms, located on the north side of the 4th and 5th floors
  • Available on a first come, first served basis and are not available for reservation for study.

Group Study rooms

  • 18 study rooms, located on the 3rd and 5th floors
  • The Computer Lab (LIB 2.011), Collaboratory (LIB 4.074), and Howe Conference Room (LIB 5.070) may be reserved on weeknights, 6 pm-7 am, and any time on weekends.
  • 2nd floor classrooms may be reserved through the library on weeknights, 6 pm-7 am, and any time on weekends.

Reservation Policies


  • Study rooms may only be occupied by UT Health students, faculty, residents, and staff

  • All occupants must wear their ID badges.

  • A group consists of two (2) or more people

  • Reservations are made for one time room use only. Recurring classes, meetings, or events should reserved through University Scheduling.

  • The library reserves the right to refuse to reserve a room for any group or individual who abuses the facilities or policies.

15 minute grace period

Group study rooms are always in demand, so a reservation is forfeited if

  • The group does not show up within 15 minutes of start time

  • Only one person is in the room for more than 15 minutes

  • The room is empty for more than 15 minutes any time after the reservation start time.

Study rooms are self-monitoring.

Groups are highly encouraged to reserve a room because non-reserved rooms are open for anyone to use. If a room is occupied by someone else, a group with a reservation should politely ask the person to give up the room.

Security of personal items:

Persons using the library study rooms are cautioned not to leave personal items unattended in the study rooms or anywhere else in the library. The library staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.