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Briscoe Library Room Guidelines

Study Rooms

Briscoe Library has available study space on two floors:  

  • 3rd floor study rooms will be available for reservations, single occupancy only.

  • Individual study space will be limited to the 3rd and 4th floors; the 5th floor will remain closed.

  • Bookshelves on the 4th floor will be closed. To avoid transmission of COVID-19, books will not be available for check out.

NOTE: Only designated areas within Briscoe Library will open for individual use. Group gatherings will not be permitted. Library staff will monitor adherence to campus mask and social distance guidelines. 

Each floor of the Briscoe Library has a designated  purpose and a corresponding noise level. Library users are asked to be respectful of their colleagues, and adhere to these designations, and self-monitor the noise level. Library staff do not shush users. 

Noise Levels:

  • Third Floor - moderate

  • Fourth Floor - silent

15 min grace period

Study rooms are always in demand, so a reservation is forfeited if the individual does not show up within 15 minutes of start time or the room is empty more than 15 minutes any time after reservation start time.

Study rooms are self-monitoring

Students are highly encouraged to reserve a room because non-reserved rooms are open for anyone to use. If a room is occupied by someone else, an individual with a reservation should politely ask the person to give up the room.

Security of personal items

Persons using the library study rooms are cautioned not to leave personal items unattended. The library staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.