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Introduction to 3D Modeling & Design

A guide to using Tinkercad.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Moving Object/s:

←/ ↑/ →/ ↓ = Move an object along ground plane (X/Y Plane)
ctrl+ ↑/ ↓ = Move an object up or down (Z plane)
Shift+ ←/ ↑/ →/ ↓ = Move an object 10X faster along ground plane (X/Y Plane)
ctrl+ Shift+ ↑/ ↓ = Move an object 10X faster up or down (Z plane)
Shift + drag = moves object in only one direction
D = Drop selected object(s) to workplane

Press and Hold the keyboard keys and then click/drag mouse for the below shortcuts:

Shift + Right click = Pan view
Alt+ left mouse button = Duplicate object(s)
Shift+ left mouse button = Select more than one object
Shift+ hold while rotating = 45 degree rotations

Helpful object action shortcuts:

ctrl + C = Copy an object or selected objects
ctrl+ V = Paste an object or objects
ctrl+ Z = Undo action or actions
ctrl + Y = Re-do an action or actions
ctrl + D = Duplicate object or objects in place
ctrl+ G = Group objects
ctrl+ shift+ G = Un-group grouped objects
Del = delete an object or objects

Object Options:
Select object(s) and then perform the following action(s)…

T = Transparency Toggle
H = Make an object or objects a hole
S = Make an object or objects a solid
ctrl + L = Lock or unlock selected objects
ctrl + H = Make an object hidden
ctrl + shift + H = Make all hidden objects visible again

Change the size of an object:

Alt + click and drag side handle = Scale in one direction
Alt + click and drag corner handle = Scale in two directions
Shift + click and hold corner handle = Uniform Scale
Alt + Shift + click and hold corner handle = Uniform scale from center

Tools and Views

W = Create new workplane
L = Align tool
R = Ruler tool
M = Flip tool
F = A better view of selected objects
Ctrl + A = select all visible shapes

Using the Ruler

This tutorial will show tips on using the ruler in Tinkercad.

Making Organic Shapes