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Introduction to 3D Modeling & Design

A guide to using Tinkercad.

What is Tinkercad?

Tinkercad is an easy, browser-based 3D design tool.

A few features:

  • Combine and cut using basic shapes to create new objects.
  • Move, adjust, and rotate both manually and using exact measurements.
  • Auto-save in the browser and export to a printable stl.

What will this guide cover?

  • Creating a new project
  • Workplane overview
  • Using shapes and toolbars
  • Manipulating shapes
  • Grouping, aligning, and subtracting
  • Importing and exporting files

Signing Up for Tinkercad

Once logged in you will land on your account Dashboard. There are a few features here you should know.

  • Gallery - This takes you to the gallery, where other Tinkercad users can share their designs. You can browse and download some designs for your own use, depending on the model settings.
  • Create New Design - Click this button to start a new design from scratch.
  • Design Preview - Your currently created designs will be here. Clicking 'Tinker this' will open the project for editing.

Screenshot of the Tinkercad website dashboard

Creating & Editing Projects

There are two ways of working on projects in Tinkercad.

1. Press the Create a new design button, to start a new project from scratch. This will open an empty workplane.

2. Hover over an already existing project and click Tinker this to open it and continue editing.

Clicking on the project image will pull up a preview window of your project.