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Introduction to 3D Modeling & Design

A guide to using Tinkercad.

Creating New Shapes

Grouping shapes is one of the best ways to create new shapes and models in Tinkercad. It allows you to combine shapes together, or to cut one shape out of another to make new forms. Watch the video below to see how to group shapes in Tinkercad.

Grouping Shapes

Model Editing Tools

This menu allows you to group and align shapes.

Meshmixer model editing tools

  1. Group (Ctrl + G) - After highlighting two or more shapes, use this tool to group them together.
  2. Ungroup (Ctrl + Shift + G) - Click on any grouped shapes and use this tool to ungroup them.
  3. Align (L) - Highlight any two or more shapes and this tool will help with aligning them together in various ways.
  4. Mirror (M) - Highlight one or more shapes and use this tool to mirror and flip the current orientation.