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Records Management: Records Management Training


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Here you'll find both required and optional trainings. If you have questions contact Diane Fotinos, Archivist & Records Management Officer.

Required Library Provided Training

Records Management: Records Retention & Inventory

 Required for all Records Management Representatives.

This class covers state laws regarding records management for state agencies, reasons we need to manage our records, how to interpret the Records Retention Schedule (RRS), how to use the online RRS to find the required retention period for records, how to fill out a Disposition Log, and how to do an inventory of department records.

Records Management: Records Retention Schedule and Inventory Interactive Modules

These interactive tutorials will walk you through everything you need to know. All four modules need to be completed to receive your certificate. You can retake them at any time, from anywhere.

Searching the Records Retention Schedule

Presented by Diane Fotinos and Kelley Minars
Published: February 1, 2022 - Runtime 9 min.

This video is an in-depth introduction to searching the UT Health San Antonio Records Retention Schedule.

Extra Materials

Optional Trainings

Records Management Live Lecture

Records Management: Records Retention Schedule and Inventory Live Lecture

Presented by Owen Ellard and Diane Fotinos
Published: March 23, 2022 - Runtime 1 hour, 32 min.

In this class lecture recording you will learn the basics of records management, how to use the Records Retention Schedule, and performing a records inventory.

Note: Procedures may have changed since this presentation was recorded. Check the modules or contact the Records Management officer with any questions.

Email Management Basics Webinar

Email Management – State and Local Records Management

Presented by Erica Siegrist and Andrew Glass
Published: December 16, 2020 - Runtime 47 min.

In this introduction to email management, you will learn how to determine when an email is a record, how to identify which emails you should keep, and the principles of inbox management. We will also discuss the basics of email preservation, metadata considerations, and next steps for developing an email management policy.