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GSBS Dissertation and Thesis Guide: Writing & Formatting

Guide for formatting and publishing dissertations and theses by GSBS students

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This guide is maintained by Andrea N. Schorr, Associate Library Director for Resource Management, with materials and oversight provided by Tiffany Thompson, Manager of Academic Programs for GSBS and Alexandra De Jesus, Academics Program Coordinator.

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Phone (210) 567-3711


Contact Alexandra De Jesus

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  • Copyright Page may be included only in theses or dissertations for which an application for registration for claim to United States Copyright has been submitted or approved.
  • Copyright Disclaimer Form: Must be signed and submitted by the thesis/dissertation author if the manuscript includes any copyrighted material. This form is not included as a page in the manuscript.
  • Using copyrighted material:
    • Written permission for use of copyrighted material must be obtained from the holder of the copyright
    • Copyright material must be identified by either the © symbol or the phrase "For permission to reproduce material..." taken from the preliminary page of the book or journal from which you wish to reproduce material
    • It is recommended that the phrase "Reproduced by permission of [copyright holder]" be included at the end of the legend or text that is reproduced.

More information about copyright:

Most Common Mistakes

  • Approval Page does not have the names of the committee members typed out below their signature line
  • The signed Approval Page should not be included in the electronic copy
  • Abstract can not include any abbreviations
  • Incorrect page numbering on Table of Contents
  • In Table of Contents, Lists of Tables, Figures, or Plates: text from these lists should not impinge upon the page numbers, which should appear as if they are a separate column
  • GSBS should always be spelled out as Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • The abstract must start on the Abstract Page--even though it will flow over to subsequent pages
  • Figure Legend must be typed 5 single spaced lines below the figure