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Copyright and Fair Use: Home

Copyright Law

The laws of the United States (title 17, U.S. Code) protect the authors or creators of original works of authorship through the legal concept of copyright. These original works include:

  • literary
  • dramatic
  • musical
  • artistic
  • scientific
  • and certain other intellectual works.

Copyright does not protect ideas and other intangibles.

UT Health San Antonio expects all members of its community to comply with U.S. copyright laws, and refers all users of its technological and information resources to the description of copyright law included in the Use of Copyrighted Materials in the UTHSC Handbook of Operating Procedures, Chapter 2.3.2.

Copyright can be a complex concept with many nuances. Authoritative websites exist to help provide guidance to  individuals who create or use work covered by copyright protection. For more detailed information concerning U.S. copyright law, consult the Additional Resources tab of this guide.


At the UT Health Library, librarians get a lot of questions about copyright. Although the ultimate authority for questions about copyright at the University is the Office of Legal Affairs, here is some basic information that is important for all students and faculty to understand so you can get your work done without copyright problems. 

Copyright Tutorial

Quick tutorial about copyright basics: