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Interlibrary Loan

Open Requests

You can view your requests in your ILL account. On the Main Menu you can see a list of your Outstanding Requests and your filled requests.

Under the Outstanding Requests you'll see a list of your requests that are in processing. Items will remain here until filled.

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Click the Details button to view the request details. Click the Actions button to cancel or edit your request.

Clicking on the article title or the details button will take you into the Request Details page. Here you can view the request information, transaction number, and the transaction status.

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The request details page will show the request information, transaction number, and transaction status.

Request Statuses



Awaiting Copyright Clearance

The request has been submitted to the system. Articles less than five years old must go through copyright clearance to determine if any copyright issues and/or fees apply.

Awaiting Request Processing

Copyright has been cleared. Request is waiting to be processed by ILL staff.

Request in Processing

ILL staff is actively processing the request.

Request Sent

Request has been sent to other libraries.

Delivered to Web

Item has been received electronically and is available in your ILL account. Note: Patron has 21 days to retrieve (download) item before it is removed from the system. 

Request Finished

Request is completed and closed. 

Cancelled by ILL Staff

ILL staff have cancelled the request. You will receive an email explaining reasoning.

Requests & Copyright Restrictions

We follow the CONTU Guidelines, meaning copyright charges go into effect after five article requests from a single journal or book published within the last five years. After that, the library is charged a copyright fee for each request. The amount varies by publisher and title.

ILL requests received after the yearly limit is reached will be covered up to $50. If an item is over $50 in copyright fees, an email will be sent to the patron asking if they are willing to cover the cost of the item. If not, the request will be canceled.