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PubMed: Ten Tips

Adapted from the UNC Chapel Hill Pubmed Ten Tips guide.

Create alert (Save Search)

Consider saving your search whenever you want to:

  • Return to the same search later
  • Receive email alerts with new articles on a particular topic or from particular journals

To create an alert / save a search:

  • Enter the search in your search box
  • Click the Create Alert link under the search box

Saved searches are stored in My NCBI

  • PubMed provides access to storage space as a part of a personal account called My NCBI. When you select the Create alert, you are prompted to sign in to My NCBI. 
  • Once you have signed in to My NCBI, a page appears with options to name the search and set up an email alert. You can run or modify your saved search through My NCBI.