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Starting a Search

There are various ways to search in Scopus:

  1. Document Search - Default search option. To begin, enter the search terms in the space provided.

  2. Author Search - Click on the Author search tab to search for a specific author by name or by ORCID ID. 

  3. Affiliation Search - Click on the Affiliation tab and search for a specific affiliation.

  4. Advanced Search - Click on the Advanced tab to enter complex search queries.

Document Search

To begin a Document search, enter a keyword into the search box and click Search. From the results page you can:

  • See document results - Document title, Authors, Year, Source, Cited by

  • Refine results with filters (can either Limit to or Exclude) - Access type, Year, Author name, Subject area, Document type, Source title, Keyword, Affiliation, Country/territory, Source type, Language 

  • Save or Edit the search

  • Set alert (email notifications when a new articles matches your search conditions)