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NURS 7304 - State of the Science: Managing the Process


Every part of your paper and process must relate back to the purpose of your SOS paper. If you find yourself going off track, revisit your primary question.

Capturing the Process

Gears showing the interactive process of learning

The Search Process

Remember, an SOS paper IS NOT a systematic review and does not require the same level of rigor. As an authority in the field, you will use your discretion to select relevant articles to support your discussion.

However, your professor or your publisher may require information about your search process to ensure that you captured relevant articles. Take notes on your search process. Primarily:

  1. Databases searched and the date
  2. Keywords used relevant to your topic

Managing Citations

Using a bibliographic manager, like:

  • EndNote
  • Mendeley
  • Zotero

may make it easier to store and sort through citations as they accumulate over the course of your research.

This will be similar to the process you used in NURS 7303.