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NURS 7304 - State of the Science: About SOS

State of the Science

Image of searching for information on a tablet, a beaker, and a microscope

Image by Megan Rexazin from Pixabay

State of the Science Is...

A state of the science, or SOS, paper is:

  • A literature synthesis
  • A useful overview for understanding what is happening with the science in a specific aspect of a topic
  • A literature review
  • An expert analysis by an authority in the field, grounded in the literature

Take a look at this useful overview of the SOS paper for nurses from East Tennessee State University. Page 6 offers a handy overview of the process.

State of the Science Isn't...

An SOS is not:

  • Appropriate to use for making clinical decisions
  • A systematic review
  • A scoping review
  • A clinical practice guideline