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NURS 7381 - Nursing Synthesis & Application of Clinical Research: Reporting

Report Your Search Strategy

When submitting a synthesis review for publication, you may need to report at least one search string. There are may acceptable formats. It is absolutely necessary to verify the reporting format that your publisher requires.

The full search string is often included as an appendix to the text of the article, or may be included as additional documentation housed on the publisher's website. This information gives the reviewers an opportunity to examine your methodology, and offer feedback on the rigor and validity of your search.

It is a good idea to get peer (or librarian) feedback on your search string prior to submitting your manuscript for publication. After you have done all the work of the synthesis paper, it can be a big task to go back and make changes to the search.

Find a Journal for Publication


Sample Table


Sample Synthesis Table
First Author Abbrev. Title Study Type Population Intervention Duration Location Measures Results Level of Evidence