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DNP in Practice

Health Policy Institutes and Think Tanks can be great partners. They also publish quite a bit of research.

Here are some great examples:

  • Seeks to drive innovative, evidence-based initiatives throughout member institutions
  • Aims to increase access to care through innovative initiatives
  • Dedicated to providing practical solutions that achieve high-quality, innovative, and affordable health care throughout the United States
  • Conducts research, develops policy recommendations,a nd provides technical expertise to test and evaluate innovative healthcare strategies

Professional memberships can be invaluable. They provide a place to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and gather information. This is also a place where you can mentor others.

National Institute of Nursing Research


  • Build the scientific foundation for clinical practice
  • Prevent disease and disability
  • Manage and eliminate symptoms caused by illness
  • Enhance end-of-life and palliative care

Resources at your location

Your place of work may offer access to:

  • Subscription databases
  • Apps
  • A medical librarian
  • Etc.

Other Resources

Podcasts are usually free and are a great way to:

  • Listen to experts in the field
  • Discover thinkers and leaders in your field
  • Keep up with current trends
  • Often sponsored by reliable sources like
  • Journals that come with professional memberships
  • Subscribing to trade journals
    • Practical
    • Current
    • Focused on you and your peer group
    • Example: