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DNP Library Orientation: DNP Project

Submitting the Project

The library keeps an electronic copy of your final DNP project and makes it accessible via the digital archive. This is a required part of the DNP project process. In order to submit your work:

  1. Complete the required form, which is also housed in Canvas

It is that easy.

Please note, if you do not complete the form, the library will not be prompted to archive your project.

Finding your work in the archive

Once your work is submitted, processed, and uploaded, it will be searchable in the electronic archive. Visit the DNP Inquiry Projects page and look for your name. This is also a great way to read previous DNP projects. See this guide on finding projects for more detailed information.

Student Binding

Thesis and Dissertation Binding


As of 2021, the library is no longer able to offer binding services for students. Below is a list of companies that bind theses, dissertations, and DNP projects. The library does not endorse any particular company, these are simply provided as a courtesy.

HF Group, Thesis-On-Demand:


*Students who submit their theses or dissertations through Proquest have the option to order bound copies.

PHD Book Binding:

Wert Bookbinding:

Office Max and Staples also offer binding services.