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GSBS Dissertation and Thesis Guide: Timeline

Guide for formatting and publishing dissertations and theses by GSBS students

Graduation Information

For detailed information about graduation, refer to the website of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences: Graduation Information.


Step 1--Three (3) weeks before Defense

Step 2--Three (3) Weeks before Commencement

  • Defend your dissertation or thesis, allow time for revisions
  • After Defense, submit Form 41 (MS candidates) or Form 43 (Ph.D. candidates)
    • Must be submitted with original signatures at least 5 days prior to the Graduate Faculty Council, which is scheduled on the second Friday of each month
  • Request signatures on Approval Page from all Supervisory Committee members


Step 3--Two (2) Weeks before Commencement

Submit the following

  • Upload Final electronic version of dissertation or thesis to ProQuest/ETD website
  • Submit signed Approval Page with original signatures to GSBS Dean's Office for approval by Dean
  • Complete online Survey of Earned Doctorates (required of Ph.D. students). Completion Certificate will be

Step 4--One (1) Week before Commencement

  • Graduate Faculty Council (GFC) meets
  • Committee on Graduate Studies chairperson will report on the outcome of your defense
  • You will be recommended as qualified to received the degree