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Poster Presentations: Organization


      - Think columns or sections
      - Give content room to breathe 
        with adequate spacing
      - Find a focal point that will draw
        viewers in
      * High-quality photos, and maybe
        graphs, but not tables.
      * The human eyes loves circles,
        so adding them may attract
        more attention.

The Serial Position Effect

For a poster, the viewer’s eye moves from the top-left down towards the lower-center and back up to the right.

Utilizing the Serial Position Effect

Place the most important piece of information first, in the upper left

Then, place the next most important item in the lower center; possibly a nice chart with interesting data.

Along the upper-center section, you can place images, but not ones crucial to your message as this is an area not typically looked at initially.

Lastly, place your conclusions at the top right or bottom right.

Example of the Serial Position Effect