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SPSS for Statistical Analysis: Resources



SPSS is installed on a computer at Pod-E on the third floor of the Briscoe Library. SAS is installed on a neighboring computer and both computers are labelled with the respective software.

Key Websites

IBM SPSS Help and Support - webinars, forums, tutorials, case studies, and beginner courses

How2Stats SPSS Video Tutorials

Analysis Toolpak in Excel - instructions for loading the add-in

Rehabilitation Measures Database (MCIDs)

PEDro Confidence Interval Calculator

G*Power - free tool for sample size estimation and statistical power analyses

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (DEB) at UT Health San Antonio - Statistical support for bioinformatics, applied epidemiology, and computational biology.

Data Visualization Tools

Tableau - Personal and Professional versions for a fee. Free trials available.

  • Tableau Public - free data visualization tool with file sharing. May save files to your online profile, not to your computer.
  • Tableau for Students - free one-year Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep license.

RAWGraphs - includes quick, visual learning guides.

Datawrapper - create charts and maps.

Trifacta Wrangler - organizes and structures data for export to Excel, Tableau, R, and more.

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