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Special Collections: Treasures of the P.I. Nixon Library Blog

The 50th Anniversary of the P. I. Nixon Library: Presidents of the Friends Board

by Diane Fotinos on 2020-05-29T11:03:00-05:00 | Comments


Presidents of the Friends of the P. I. Nixon Medical Historical Library Board are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of our unique collections, ensuring that the stories of medicine will be endlessly enjoyed by future generations. Each President is listed below in order of service from top to bottom.


Presidents Throughout the Years

First: John L. Matthews, MD  Mrs. Charles W. Finley      Ron Philo, PhD
P. I. Nixon, Jr., MD   Maurice S. Albin, MD, MSc (Anes.)     Richard F. Ludueña, PhD
Robert B. Krause, MD    Charles A. Hulse, MD     Kirsten Gardner, PhD
Milton S. Jacobs, MD Joyce G. Schwartz, MD    Philip T. Valente, MD
J. W. Winter, MD     Mrs. Zula Vizard    Julie K. Brown, PhD
A. O. Severance, MD   Harlan D. Root, MD, PhD Robert V. Blystone, PhD
David McCullough, MD    Herman S. Wigodsky, MD, PhD   David P. Cappelli, DMD, MPH, PhD
James E. Pridgen, MD  John M. Smith, Jr., MD    Gregory Anstead, MD, PhD
S. Perry Post, MD    August F. Herff, Jr., MD   Charleen Moore, PhD
Edwin M. Sykes, Jr., MD   Col. Janice A. Mendelson, MD    Adelita Cantu, PhD, RN
J. Bradley Aust, MD    Daniel Rosenthal, MD  Irene Bober-Moken, DMD, MPH
Perry W. Nadig, MD     Arthur S. McFee, MD    Daniel Rosenthal, MD
A. P. Thaddeus, MD  Daniel H. Jones, MLS      Eithan Kotkowski, MD, PhD
William B. Brendel, MD    Basil A. Pruitt, Jr., MD   Anand Karnad, MD
David McMahon, MD    Erle K. Adrian, Jr., MD, PhD  Current:  Bridget Piernik-Yoder, PhD
Mrs. Lila Cockrell  Emilio F. Romero, MD  
 William V. Healey, MD   Charleen M. Moore, PhD  


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