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NURS 7301 - Methods for Evidence Based Practice: Save Your Work

Why save?

Bibliographic management systems, bib managers, reference managers, or any system that allows users to compile, sort, save, and leverage citations is extremely useful in academic work. Without an electronic system, authors would have to redo every reference from scratch every time. Bib managers allow users to:

  • Build and manage a personal (and often portable) electronic library of citations, images, notes, full text, and more!
  • Quickly create formatted bibliographies in just about any citation format under the sun
  • Insert formatted in-text citations with ease
  • Share with colleagues
  • Save directly from websites

Don't reinvent the wheel. Save your work.

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What is great about RefWorks:

Good to know about RefWorks:

  • Major platform upgrades are still in progress
  • Must create an account using uthscsa account

See the library's guide on getting started with RefWorks. 


What is great about EndNote:

  • Download to your computer so you can work offline
  • Share your library with colleagues through EndNote web
  • Automatically attaches full-text pdfs
  • Stellar customer service and robust online user community
  • Portable
  • YouTube channel for learning and troubleshooting

Good to know about EndNote:

  • $99 through TechZone

See the library's guide on getting started with EndNote.

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