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Resources for Students: Evaluating Online Resources and Websites

Evaluating Online Resources

Begin your evaluation by using this acronym:

A Authority Who wrote the site? What are their qualifications?
B Bias What are the intentions of the author and the publishing entity?
C Currency How old is the information? Does the information reflect the most recent findings?


Evaluating Health Care Information on the Internet

Evaluating Internet Health Information - a tutorial from the National Library of Medicine

Guidelines for evaluating health resources - provided by the Medical Library Association (MLA)



Ask Yourself

Who Is the author? Is the intended audience?
What Is the site trying to accomplish? 
When Was the last update?
Where Are the credentials?
Why Did someone create this site?
How Could you use the information on this site?


Know the Domains

Domain Type
.edu School
.gov Government
.me Montenegro
.mil Military
Everything else Unregulated