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NURS 6320 - Theoretical Foundations: Use the Databases

Ontology & Epistemology

To find an overview, definition, or summary of ontology and epistemology, it is likely that you will need to look outside of the standard healthcare databases. Instead, try using Reference or Humanities resources like those listed above.

CINAHL -- Find the database

Getting to CINAHL from the library homepage

CINAHL -- Select Terms

Selecting terms in CINAHL

Remember to use SUBJECT HEADINGS to help make searching easier. All citations in CINAHL are indexed.

THEORY is a Subject Heading in CINAHL.

CINAHL -- Limit Results

Applying limits to CINAHL search

PubMed -- Find the database

PubMed -- Construct the Search

Remember to check MeSH TERMS and use keywords.

PubMed -- Limit results