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NURS 3374 - Research and Evidence-Based Practice: Manage Citations

Citation Management

When you find articles of interest in a database or search engine, a bibliographic management program like Zotero makes it easy to create a personal collection of references (citations and/or articles) and cite them in your document in the citation style of your choice.

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What is Zotero?

Zotero is an application that collects, managers, and cites research sources. It works in any OS, connects with your browser, and is free to use.

You can attach PDFs, notes, and images to your citations, organize them into collections for different projects, and create bibliographies.

Screenshot of the Zotero software showing the zotero library


To create a foldering system in Zotero that will facilitate reporting in your PRISMA flow diagram:

  1. Create a group library in the web version of Zotero
  2. Create folders as you import from each database
  3. Rename folders as shown to the left
  4. Use the duplicate item folder to reconcile any duplicate citations
  5. Make note of the total number in your group library before and after deduplication
  6. Create 2 new collections
    • Title Abstract Included
    • Full Text Included
  7. Copy citations into the corresponding folders as you complete your title/abstract and full text screens
  8. Record numbers in your flow diagram

Zotero Folders

An image showing how to set up folders in Zotero to complement PRISMA flow diagram.