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NURS 7322: Healthcare Policy, Analysis and Advocacy

An introduction to resources for health policy research in NURS 7322.


Understanding the Federal Legislative Process is key to understanding how a bill becomes a law and how likely it is that your bill will make it through the process and become enacted into law.

Brief Overview

Congress = Senate + House


  • Members serve 6-year, staggered terms
  • Every 2 years, about 1/3 of Senators are up for re-election
  • Senators are elected "at large," which means each Senator represents the entire state
  • Each state has 2 Senators regardless of population
  • 100 Senators currently serve in the Senate


  • Members serve 2-year terms
  • Represent people in a District
  • Districts are apportioned by population using US Census Data
  • 435 Representatives currently serve in the House