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NURS 5339: Leadership for Quality, Safety, and Health Policy: Writing & Publishing

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Scientific Writing

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Getting Published


  • Remember your audience -- The editor wants to know if your article will appeal to readers of the journal.
  • Find a journal that publishes on your topic -- If your article is not in the journal's purview, it will likely be rejected.
  • Present at a conference -- Presenting a poster or a paper abstract at a conference will often lead to an invitation to publish a full paper. Plus it looks great on your CV!
  • Pair with a faculty member -- Faculty will have experience navigating the world of academic publishing and may know what topics editorial boards are interested in at the moment. Your professors are your academic allies.
  • Look at the "Information for Authors" section on a journal's homepage -- Follow the guidelines laid out by the journal. Take a look at this example from Nature.

From the Experts:

Elsevier -- One of the world's major providers of scientific, technical, and medical information. It was established in 1880 as a publishing company.

Nature -- A multidisciplinary scientific journal, first published on 4 November 1869. It was ranked the world's most cited scientific journal by the Science Edition of the 2010 Journal Citation Reports and is ascribed an impact factor of approximately 38.1, making it one of the world's top academic journals.

Sage -- Founded in 1965 to support the dissemination of usable knowledge and educate a global community. SAGE is a leading international provider of innovative, high-quality content publishing more than 1000 journals...

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Your writing "voice"

Active VS. Passive Voice:  Currently, there is a trend towards Active voice however, always check the author guidelines for the scientific journal for which you are submitting to.  

Article: Clear Science Writing: Active Voice or Passive Voice? 

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Article: Active Versus  Passive Voice in Scientific Writing

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