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Dental Hygiene: Evidence Based Practice: Understanding Statistics

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American Dental Association and Evidence Based Dentistry: Statistic Tutorials

Five tutorials provide illustrative understanding of statistical concepts including null-hypothesis, p-value and confidence intervals.  Click on the graphic below to access:





click on the graphic below: "Interpreting a Forest Plot of a meta-analysis"

     - created and presented by Dr. D. Slawson for CIS Clinical Information Sciences

All videos have close captioning available and are outside links.

Understanding Statistics

Statistics: 1           : a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data

  1. 2:  a collection of quantitative data

                                                                                                                             -Merriam Webster online

Other terms used in discussing and using statistics:

variance :  expressed as standard deviation, represents the average distance of each score from the mean

frequency distribution :  commonness of the values of a variable (how often it occurs in the data set)

dispersionthe scattering of the values of a frequency distribution from the mean

range : difference between the least and greatest values of the variable of a frequency distribution


Visual Tutorial: Standard Deviation in 5 Steps

The Normal Distribution Empirical Rule
*Provides an estimation of the spread of data given the mean and standard deviation of a data set that follows the standard, normal distribution

Visual Tutorial: Mean, Median, Mode

Visual Tutorial: Standard Deviation Explained

Statistical Tests

Faculty recommended video: "Choosing a Statistical Test"


All videos used with permission and for educational purposes only. Thanks to Jeremy Jones and Kahn Academy.  Tyson.C 2017