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United Search: Overview

What is United Search?

United Search is a research tool that allows you to search across all of the Libraries' resources from a single search box.

*Tabs that were previously on the Library's homepage have now been consolidated into a single search tab.

General Information

What am I searching?

With United Search you have the ability to search across a variety of library resources to include:

  • Databases
  • E-books
  • E-journals
  • Articles
  • Print Materials
  • Library Catalog
When to use United Search
  • When you're beginning a research project and you want to see a broad range of resources.
  • If you are looking for an overview of library resources on a specific topic.
  • If you are looking for library resource suggestions or need help narrowing down a topic.
When NOT to use United Search
  • When you are doing advanced research on a specific topic or subject.
  • If you have an established research workflow, such as preferred databases or journals you can always start there. United Search is not meant to be a replacement for those, but rather it is a tool designed to complement the discovery of our resources.