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3D Printing: Available Colors

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Filament Options

We offer a variety of different colors in PLA. We offer regular PLA, translucent, and NinjaFlex.

Makerbot Colors

For the Makerbot we offer 10 different colors of PLA filament, subject to availability. The colors are as follows.

Makerbot Filament

Colors Monochrome
  • True Red
  • True Orange
  • True Yellow
  • True Green
  • True Blue
  • True Purple
  • White
  • Warm Grey (Beige)
  • Cool Grey
  • Black


TAZ6 Colors

There are three types of filament available for the TAZ6: regular opaque PLA, translucent PLA, and NinjaFlex.


MatterHackers opaque PLA comes in Black, White, Silver, Bronze, Green, Red, and Blue. This filament is richly colored and finished prints are completely opaque. The Silver and Bronze options have a slight metallic sheen.

MatterHackers PLA


MatterHackers translucent PLA comes in Violet (not pictured), Green, or Blue. This filament is jewel-toned and finished prints let light through.


The library also offers NinjaFlex, a flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). NinjaFlex prints are priced at 15 cents per gram, and are offered in Grass, Sky, and Silver.

NinjaFlex filament colors.

Submit Your File

 You will be notified via email when your job is completed or if we have any questions. All printed objects must be picked up at the Circulation Desk within 5 business days of printing. 

If your file is larger than 5MB, please indicate this on the submission form.