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Resources for Students: Research and Resource Links

AAAAA Research Process

ASK a Question

  • Determine what information you want or need to find?
  • Is the research question focused and specific?  Is it a PICO Question?
  • Is your information need background information or primary source research articles? (Or both?)

ACQUIRE Appropriate Information

  • Select a resource in which to search. Some topics can be searched in broad biomedical databases such as PubMed or Ovid Medline, but others require a specific subject database such as CINAHL. See the list of UT Health Science Center Libraries Databases by Subject.
  • For books, search the Library Catalog.

APPRAISE What you Found

  • Examine the articles or books to see if they answer your question.
  • Determine if the articles are recent and relevant to your information need.

APPLY What you Learned

  • Draw a conclusion based on the evidence found in your search.

ASSESS the Results

  • Determine if the preferred outcome resulted from a clinical decision.
  • In writing, read your paper and determine if you have enough research to support your conclusion.

Research Tools to organize your findings


  • Lib X : Firefox and Chrome Add On is a web browser add-on that provides direct access to UTHealth library resources from a toolbar.

Download Lib X:  Firefox

                                Google Chrome

  • Citation Tracker within SCOPUS  allows you to identify visually across a field of study the most relevant & timely articles by a selected author and then set a "tracker" to receive recurring updates via email. 


LibGuides and Research

LibGuides provide useful guidance, links and information UTHealth students and faculty need throughout their research and writing processes. Click on the active " libguide" link (in blue) or look below for some of the more popular guides:

Citation Managers


  • RefWorks: Free to UT Health Science Center at San Antonio affiliates, RefWorks allows you to import, organize, insert citations and create bibliographies for your work. See more info here: ReWorks LibGuide (info for Mac users)
  • Endnote: available for UT Health affiliates for $79.00 through TechZone. See more Endnote LibGuide

Citation Generators


  • EasyBib: Generate citations in MLA, APA & Chicago formats
  • Citation Machine: MLA, APA, Chicago, Grammar and Spell Checker, Writing Resources
  • BibMe: MLA, APA, Unintentional Plagiarism Checker, creates bibliographies online