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BodyViz 101: Tissue Type & Color Mode

This guide is a basic collection of information to help the new BodyViz user navigate within this unique resource.

BodyViz 101: Tissue Types and Color

Tissue Types and Color will enhance dynamic detail within image content.

Tissue Type Mode

The Tissue Type Mode allows you to view the volume through filters that only display certain tissue density ranges.  You can strip away or add tissues that contain air, fat, blood, muscle, soft tissue, and bone, for example.

  • Tissue Type Mode is selected by using the XBox controller Triggers
  • Tissue Type presets are selected by using the controller Bumpers
  • "Custom" and "Userdef" tissue types are arbitrary and not case specific.  They were created and saved by other users. 
  • Default tissue type and Muscle & Bone color are often great starting points

Color Mode


 Color Mode can improve the clarity and enhance fine detail that may otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Color Mode is selected by using XBox controller Triggers
  • Color presets are selected by using controller Bumpers
  • There are eight preset colors including traditional greyscale
  • Remember to run through all colors along with tissue types to catch details


Tissue Types and Colors

Tissue types and Colors

 Three examples of same study:

  • Left:  Soft Tissue mode, Muscle and Bone color
  • Center: Tissue Type removing many soft tissues and leaving bone
  • Right: Cardiac color

Tissue Types and Colors

Two examples of same study:

  • Brain aneurysm using Bone Tissue tissue type 
  • Muscle & Bone color (L), Cardiac color (R)


  • Tissue type and color enhance quality
  • Quality is subjective:  beauty, tissue types, color, and clipping decisions are in the eyes of the beholder